In a short period of time after being introduced to the buying public, the notebook computer's appearance have changed in size and features by coming together with new fun colors, smaller size, and lighter weight. Netbooks are wonderful tools to surf the web, check emails and do some other moderate computing tasks, like creating simple Word documents and they are portable and affordable too.

Moderately Challenging
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    Always carry and take hold of your mini notebook computer when you're on a plane or inside a train instead of checking it with your luggage. If ever your luggage may get lost, your netbook is still with you. You can just place it inside your carry-on bag or luggage. 

    By the time that you go through airport security, be careful not to lose sight of your carry-on bag. Hold it until the person in front of you has passed through the metal detector so that it will be easy for you to view your moving carry-on bag or luggage.

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    Use a screen guard to help prevent people from peeking over your shoulder as you're typing important information using your notebook computer especially when you're in a public place. Privacy shields can restrict and confine the viewing angle of a netbook's screen display. 

    It will only allow the user sitting in front of it to read any information displayed clearly, therefore preventing other people from viewing the screen. This is advantageous and suitable when you're traveling and you need to work using your netbook computer even in public places. If a thief can see that you know how to protect your computer device, he or she would likely go away.

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    Purchase a tracking software which automatically connects to the internet. This could be effective because every time that your netbook will start up and logs the location of its user, this tracking software will also start to work. Since netbooks are now widely used, a tracking software would be beneficial for theft recovery. 

    This tracking system is really helpful to enable machine recovery in the event of theft or accidental loss. The embedded tiny device automatically informs the tracking service center of any changes to the netbook with regards to its assigned location and can also detect changes to its hardware configuration. Take note that mini notebook computers have less hard-drive space and processing power, so it's advisable to install a security program designed specifically for these modern devices that comes from a good and reliable company which provides a subscription plus regular updates.

Tips & Warnings

  • Because mini notebook computers are small, they also come with a smaller keyboard and screen. Using multimedia applications could give some difficulty to other brands of netbooks like when you're viewing some long recorded online videos. 
  • Netbooks don't come with a DVD or CD drive and could run a bit slower because of the microprocessors that are placed inside which are not as speedy as the ones used in making laptops. They also have a smaller hard drive space compared to most laptops.