Every year people get excited planning their new goals and resolutions but very few stick to them...Here are a few tips to ensure sucess

Things You Will Need

Free time to plan

Planner or PDA

Pencil or Pen

Step 1

Having too many goals is just a setup for failure..Either you'll do them half way or end up giving up because you have to many things to do! Its difficult to lose weight, find an new job, work on becoming a better parent, and trying a new hobby all at the same time. Try to keep one or two main goals a month.

Step 2

Having vague goals just isn't enough..you must be specific, how else would you know that you have reached your goal? For example "I want to lose weight" is a poor goal instead try "I want to lose 10 pounds by the next month.''

Step 3

Sure you would like the idea of having a goal like "making $5,000" but when? How would you measure it? Good ways to track goals could be a chart, spreadsheet, or a journal for goals that are hard to measure like "having more self esteem." Just keep a journal or diary of what happened that day you made a change, etc.

Step 4

This is where the planner or PDA comes in. Map out the steps of how you are going to reach your goal and the time you are willing to dedicate to that task. Every night before bed write daily tasks for achieving your goals.

Step 5

Telling people about your goals helps you stay on track for those days you feel burnt out. Not only will they encourage you to never give up, they may be able to help you in areas you might not have been able to accomplish on your own. If you just want to keep your goal to yourself, try joining a website where people have similar goals such as yourself, or keep a journal. Zealog.com is a wonderful site to measure your goals.

Step 6

Don't forget to reward your hard work! Set milestones for your achievements like "For every 5 pounds I lose I'll buy a new pair of shoes" or something similar. Rewarding yourself just gives you motivation to keep working at your goals and just feels good when you can sit back and look at how far you've come along.

Step 7

Following up on your goals enables you to review what you have done and the changes you might need to make in order to further reach your achievements. Review what you have done every night
While the majority may set high goals for themselves, very few will attain them because they did not follow the rules for goal setting..There are variations of how to go about goal setting, but these are the main points to remember.

Tips & Warnings

Dont set goals for anyone else like your friends, girlfriend/boyfriend, family members, etc., make sure they are for you and what you want.

Dont set goals that may be damaging to your health or anyone else.