Everyone knows how difficult it is to maintain a solid relationship even if your partner lives next door. It suffices to say that nurturing a long distance relationship can be especially challenging. If you are like most couples who are separated by distance, you are constantly searching for ways to make your long distance love work. If you've ever gotten frustrated while thinking of new ways of making it work, here is a proverbial how to on being to top thing on your partners mind.

Things You Will Need

-A girlfriend, wife, husband, boyfriend.
-A big distance from where you live to where they live.

Step 1

Surprise them with gifts-Everyone loves to have presents sent to them, and your long distance relationship can greatly benefit from sending your partner surprises. Whether you send flowers, chocolates or perfume, these small gestures will help to keep your long distance love alive.

Step 2

  • Send videos through Facebook-A great way to keep it fresh and interesting in your long distance love is to send your partner videos on Facebook. These videos don't have to be super long and serious; instead they can just be little short messages to brighten your partner's day. While Facebook messages are a great way to stay in touch, it may also be a good idea to arrange times to video chat. When you are able to see your partner's face on a regular basis, you will feel more connected.

Step 3

  • Surprise them with a visit- I know this one is a bigger in relation to the others I have listed, but it still applies. This one doesn't even have to be a complete surprise as it might not be completely plausible for some readers. Depending on how far you and your partner live from one other, planning a surprise visit can show your partner that you are dedicated to making it work. If you can't travel the entire distance, consider rendezvousing at a central location.

Step 4

  • Snail Mail- I love the nostalgic theme to this one. It is romantic to think that this is how your grandparents stayed in touch when they were away from eachother. Remember what it was like to receive actual letters and not bills in the mail? Regularly sending your partner letters will make your long distance love even more special. Becoming pen pals with your partner is a fun and unexpected way to stay in touch.

Step 5

  • Call or text- While it may seem overplayed, calls and texts are some of the easiest and most cost effective ways to keep a long distance relationship alive. Many times this simple gesture can truly brighten your partner's day and ensure that you stay on their mind.

If you are struggling in your long distance relationship I think a great and easy way to start re-igniting the flame are the five steps I have listed above.

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