A supervisor's job is to handle and take care of employees. One of his tasks is to make sure that his employees know what they have to do and how to do it. Unfortunately, some supervisors fail to do their job. Instead, they do what they want to their subordinates. Some of these actions include discrimination, harassment and even abuse. If you are an employer and you want your supervisors to be disciplined and reliable, consider the following factors:

• It is your responsibility to train their interpersonal skills and correct their mistakes. As the employer, you should take the initiative to train and educate your supervisors. If they know what harassment is, they can be more careful in treating employees.
• Create a policy for making complaints about supervisor harassment. If a rule or regulation within the company is enforced strictly, no one would dare break it.
• Impose sanctions and penalties to supervisors who are found guilty of harassing employees. If someone has been proven to have committed harassment actions against an employee you should penalize him even if he is your friend.
• Always consult an HR expert before making decisions concerning supervisor harassment. HR personnel usually understand employees better than you do. If an employee complains to you about a harassment issue, let an HR personnel talk with him first.
• Seek legal advice from a harassment or discrimination attorney in Los Angeles. If your company is located in Los Angeles, it would be best if your legal adviser lives nearby.
• Prohibit retaliation. Once a complaint has been submitted, the harassed employee should be protected from any form of retaliation.

These are just some steps for you to keep your supervisors away from harassment accusations and complaints. Make sure you have someone to back you up in these kinds of situations. You can create a special board that will specifically handle harassment or discrimination cases. This is beneficial so you would not carry all the burden of the dispute case.

Like discrimination, harassment leaves an emotional scar on its victims. For instance, people who are sexually harassed often become traumatized and afraid of mingling with other people. These traits can dramatically change their career, beliefs, and even their way of living. If you want to preserve a reliable workforce for your company, you should take good care of your employees. You can consult a Los Angeles labor attorney if you have further questions about supervisor harassment.