Ironically, I have decided to write this InfoBarrel article after a good 1-month lull in my contributions. Overwhelmed with a variety of other projects, as well as my collaboration with fellow InfoBarrel writer jcmayer777 to write our 6-book thoroughly comprehensive eBook course, writing actual articles for Info Barrel had to take a backseat for a while. On one hand, I could argue that I was too busy doing other projects to write, however, I do know that there were definitely times that I could have written, but, instead, decided to take a nap or lounge around the house, with my feet kicked up, watching TV or playing my trusty Playstation 3.
Keeping yourself motivated to write InfoBarrel articles may not always be an easy task, although it is certainly possible. Follow these tips and you can be sure to break through those lulls in your motivation, and become a consistent, contributing member.

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Things You Will Need

a Computer

Step 1

Aim for consistency in everything you do. One way that I've found to give myself motivation, whether with regards to writing for Info Barrel or some other facet of my life altogether, is to strive moreso for consistency. If you schedule will only afford you the opportunity to write 1 article a day, go for it! By putting yourself on a consistent article writing schedule, you will inherently afford yourself breaks and rest periods, as opposed to sporadically pushing out articles with no rhyme or reason.
If you find that you write best when you first wake up, be sure to allocate an hour consistently, each day. Of course, that 'hour' you allocate may vary dependent on your writing skills, abilities, and passion. For some, it might not be unrealistic to write 1 article in 15 minutes. For others, it may require a much longer time. Allocate to yourself what you feel you will need, and what you feel won't detract you from your other familial/group responsibilities and obligations.

Step 2

With consistency in mind, it really helps to set goals for yourself. Some prefer big goals, while other prefer to gradually chip away at small goals. Each philosophy and outlook can be applied to life in general, as well as Info Barrel. For myself, I do find that several smaller goals, with, perhaps, one big goal, is an optimal arrangement for what I hope to achieve on Info Barrel. For example, my big goal may be to write 500 articles, however, with now over 240+ articles on Info Barrel, I really needed to set smaller goals for myself in order to reach that bigger goal.
As you can see, I have yet to reach my bigger goal, but, I have chipped away at my smalled goals, such as "write 10 articles" or "write 100 articles", quite well. Achieving those small goals gave me a sense of accomplishment, and it was that feeling that has helped to provide the motivation to keep moving forward.

Step 3

Sometimes, when I have clear bouts with motivation, I wander over to the achievements section of Info Barrel. With several achievements available at Info Barrel, I have found it motivating to pick and choose which particular one I would like to achieve. Achievements vary in size and effort required to obtain them, however, Info Barrel's management's foresight into creating a system of achievements is really a testament to how they value the intrinsic and extrinsic needs and motivations of their writers.
Take advantage of this.

Step 4

Earnings, at least initially, can be a real turn-off to motivation. With an instant gratification mindset, it may be easy just to disregard Info Barrel altogether, especially when your first few articles don't earn quite the way you expected or intended. Let's face is at these times where the temptation to quit Info Barrel altogether can be at it's greatest. It's not expected that the feeling of contributing to a community will keep you consistently motivated. We need money to pay the bills and put food on the table, so, NOT earning can be justifiably frustrating.
Be patient with yourself, and the platform. Fortunately, growth of the platform has occurred regardless, and, with time, you can rest assured that your articles will be easier and easier for online searchers to find.

Writing can sometimes be a very time consuming process that requires alot of effort. It certainly doesn't hurt to pace yourself as you strive to achieve small goals. Had you resolved to write 1 article a day, for a year, that would equate to over 365 articles written. While InfoBarrel is still growing at the time of this writing, and even though there are many other variables at play, I do know of some writers (myself included), who earn hundreds each month extra from only a fraction of those articles.

Tips & Warnings

While the InfoBarrel forum can be a great place to find motivation from fellow writers, you can also succumb to spending TOO much time there. Unless you are deliberately attempting to increase your post count in order to satisfy your achievement goals, producing content will be the single best way that you will earn on InfoBarrel. Use the Info Barrel forum as a great way to contribute and develop your reputation and respect, but, use it sparingly.