Some people say that if you are a construction worker you should be prepared to get injured, disabled, or even killed on duty. This view is wrong. Although construction workers work in a highly dangerous environment, they still have the right to a safe construction area. Under the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSH Act) of 1970, employers and contractors should ensure the safety of their employees by making reasonable efforts to reduce risks of injuries and accidents.

Below are some of the steps that employers should take to make the construction site a safe place for everyone:

  • Conducting seminars and briefings for all employees – Employees should be informed regarding certain working situations that may result into accidents and injuries.

  • Making sure that safety precautions are made to avoid accidents and injuries – The employer should create a safety program that would lessen the risks of accidents in the workplace. He may refer to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) manual on their website.

  • Posting of warnings and signs – Construction locations that are prone to accidents should have warnings and safety signs for employees to be more careful.

  • Enforcing specific rules and regulations that promote the safety of the construction area – Some examples of safety rules include wearing of hard hats, and not carrying flammable materials inside the construction area.

  • Assigning of heavy construction equipment and machinery to skilled and capable employees – The employer should make sure that all machine operators are skilled and knowledgeable in running heavy equipment. Common accidents that result from operator negligence or fault are forklift accidents.

  • Keeping the general public away – If the construction area is situated in a city, there should be enough barriers to keep non-employees away from the construction premises.

As the authority in the construction area, the employer should have the initiative in taking the actions given above. He may also ask help from other superiors of the company to make the task easier.

Once the employer has finished his part in keeping the construction area safe, it should not end there. He should also make his employees involved. They should also understand the reason why they need to follow such a program. If the employer and employees work together, safety measures and programs would certainly be easier to implement, thus reducing the number of accidents in the construction area.