A smile is something that everyone can give everyday and does not cost a cent but still gives enormous pleasure to those on the receiving end.I truly think that there is nothing more pleasing than seeing someone who gives you a lovely smile at any time of day.Even when a stranger smiles at you it seems to give you a lift especially when you are feeling down or at your lowest.











In our adolescence we often grimace or hide our pleasure behind our hand for a variety of reasons.It could be that we have buck teeth, crooked teeth, or try to hide the missing one that we have in a tissue waiting for the fairies to reward us.











For whatever reason, we hide what could be a beautiful smile.Once we have become self conscience of our disability it is very hard to smile openly.In fact I know from experience how hard it was for me to laugh due to a bad experience with crooked teeth.











I was so self conscious of mine that at the age of sixteen, I sat in a dentist chair and had all my top teeth and two bottom teeth out. They fitted my full top dental plate as soon as the others were out.I was so scared that they actually blind folded me so I would not see what they were doing.











My mother was so worried when we arrived home because my face went black and she thought something had gone wrong.The dentist told me that my face could go black but forgot to tell mum and as she didn't want to worry me she ran around the neighbors asking for advice.Eventually she told me what was wrong and then we saw the funny side of it.











Nothing made as good these days











That denture lasted me seventeen years.I did have them relined once and then one day while chewing on one of those hard boiled sweets they broke in half.











In the last thirty odd years I think I have had about seven new dentures.And no they do not last, nor fit as good as those first ones.











Poor fitting dentures











As we age, our gums and bones shrink, the dentures do not alter.So many times you hear about people having new dentures fitted and within a week, the smile starts to disappear, why? Because they have taken their dentures out and left them in a glass of water more often than in their mouth.











This is such a shame. Why don't they go back to the dentist and have them refitted?Yes, I have often asked myself that same question, I am also guilty of that.Sometimes we do return and have them refitted, without achieving success. I know, we should not give up, but we become so fed up and learn to live with this discomfort.











Loose denture problems











As we age we tend to live with these types of problems but we shouldn't.What to look out for with bad fitting dentures:






·Our gums shrink causing dentures to loosen and cause sores






·Our Jaw may not line up properly which can cause pain


·Unable to chew food correctly can often cause stomach upsets






·Without realizing it our facial features will change causing wrinkles at the corners of our mouth
















Relining or replacing dentures











Have you arrived at the stage of leaving your teeth in a glass or start to grimace instead of smiling?If this is you isn't it about time you made an appointment to have your dentures fixed so you can reclaim your wonderful smile?




If they are loose or make your mouth sore, then a visit to the dentist to have them relined could give you your confidence back.If they are worn out, then make an appointment and invest in a new set of dentures, a lovely smile will be worth this investment if not to you, and then other people around you may have missed your lovely smile more than you have.Do not live like this any longer.











Keep your dentures clean and free of plaque











Brush your dentures every day the same as with your own teeth.You need to remove particles of food and plaque from between your teeth at least once a day.Did you know that your tongue needs cleaning too?When dentures are not in use store them in a recommended denture cleaning solution. One of the best home remedies is to soak your dentures overnight in white vinegar, do this at lesst once a week. Before soaking rinse and brush clean to remove tartar and plaque.


Bi-caronate of soda is another product to use for removing stains from dentures



Missing teeth


Dentures are not the only problem for facial wrinkles, you may only have your front bottom teeth. If this is true, then without any back teeth when your lower back gums shrink this causes sinking of the facial features at the same time. This could also result in deep lines on either side of the lower lip.



You would need to consult your dentist as to whether having a partial denture plate would help reduce this.











Above all make sure you show that smile and reduce the wrinkles before they start showing by wearing well fitted dentures.