Keeping your dog safe in your yard is not as easy as it sounds, especially for the inquisitive restless type of breed. That is where the Electronic dog fences

Some dogs get bored and look for ways to either dig under the fence or even jump on other things in the yard to gain access to another world.

Someone asked me this morning how they could stop their Blue Heeler from going into other properties and killing birds or even attacking small dogs. This may be a good way to do that and be in control and contain him to their own back yard. Another way would be to keep him on a wire runner, although they would need to make sure that he could not become entangled in any small shrubs or rubbish to prevent him from reaching his water.

People say that some dogs are more trouble than they are worth. I believe that if the dog is given correct obedience training in the beginning it would prevent most of the bad behavior problems in the majority of dogs.

Electronic Wire Fence

AETERTEK Wireless Electronic Fence with 50m 10 Levels Adjustable Range,Beep,Vibrate,Shock for 1 Dog/Cat
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This will keep your dog in your yard so he cannot disappear for any length of time.



I have had personal experiences with our sons out of control Bull Terrier. He would dig under steel fences to escape, or jump on a trainer, box or drum in fact anything at all to get over the top of the fence. He has managed to get into an AFL football game and cause problems while chasing the footy.

He chased a neighbor's chooks. He raced into the local hospital emergency department, and worse still he even invaded the police station. We found that most of his problem was due to boredom as we all worked and there were no distractions. Once we found ways to keep him amused he settled down. Not before he cost us heaps in dog pound fees that's for sure.

How to Keep it safe in your backyard

Here are a couple of types you could try:

Pet Safe In-Ground Deluxe Little-Dog Fence with Collar

This model has been produced to suit the smaller breed of dogs.

This has an adjustable small collar with a waterproof receiver built into it with lightning protection. It comes with a transmitter and boundary flags. It also has an operation and training guide on DVD.

This system warns the little dog with a beeping sound as it nears the underground boundary. If it continues to cross that boundary he received a small electrostatic (similar to the one we receive when walking on nylon carpet and touch something metal). It is quite harmless.

The boundary fence is buried a few inches underground. You can place it around your yard to prevent the dog entering garden beds or areas you want protected from your pet dog.

Pet Safe Stubborn-Dog In Ground Fence

This one has been designed to control the harder to train or stubborn kind of dog. Better to control the larger dog living in bigger properties. Therefore having 500 feet of wire, this also has a waterproof receiver, boundary flags and Instruction DVD for its installation.

If you have one of those hard to train dogs, you will find this is a great way to keep him in your yard. Some dogs will dig under or climb over a normal fence, whereas with this transmitter he will stay safe and secure in his own yard. The receiver is situated in the pet's collar so that when he comes close to the boundary fence it picks up the warning signal.

These come with adjustable collars to suit a variety of dog sizes and you can also buy extra receiver collars if you have more than one dog. These will also help you with the control and training of your dog and once he is properly trained he won't try to escape past the boundary fence.

So if you have a problem dog then this will save you a lot of headaches with the future control and protection of your garden beds and special areas in your backyard.