Pure white hair can be a difficult color to achieve and maintain. Most people cannot lighten their hair past a pale yellow color without causing significant damage according to Milady's Standard Cosmetology textbook. But this doesn't mean that you have to settle for yellow hair when you yearn for white. Instead of more bleach, you need a violet or blue toner to neutralize the yellow color and reveal a stunning white shade. Unfortunately, using this toner can leave you with blue tinted hair that looks more grandma than Gaga, but you can prevent that with a technique known as a strand test.

You'll Need:
White card stock
Violet or blue toner
10 volume developer
Small plastic bowl
Plastic applicator bottle

Step One
Gather approximately one dozen strands of hair from the back of your head and snip off these hairs with a pair of scissors. You can also pluck out the strands but it might be painful.

Step Two
Twist the strands together so you have a thin swatch of hair.

Step Three
Tape one end of the hair swatch to a piece of white card stock.

Step Four
Mix approximately 1 tsp. of violet or blue toner and 1 tsp. of 10 volume developer in a small plastic bowl.

Step Five
Cover the hair swatch with the toner mixture. You should not need to use all of it.

Step Six
Wait five minutes and then wipe away the toner with a rag dampened in clean water.

Step Seven
Evaluate the color of your hair. If it is bright white, you know that you need to leave the toner on your hair for only five minutes to achieve the desired results without turning it blue.

Step Eight
Apply more toner to the hair if it is still not white enough and leave it on for only two minutes before wiping it away and evaluating the color. Continue to time the toner in two minute increments until you achieve the perfect color without any blue tint.

Step Nine
Mix equal parts of the toner and 10 volume developer in a plastic applicator bottle. You need enough of this mixture to cover all of your hair.

Step Ten
Apply the toner mixture to your hair and leave it on for the amount of time indicated by steps seven and eight.

Step Eleven
Rinse away the toner with warm water.

Step Twelve
Shampoo and condition your brilliant white hair as you would normally.