Statistics show that pets are more likely to be injured or be lost over the holiday period than at any other time. During this time owners are often preoccupied and fail to notice what their pets are into.

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puppy enjoys holidays

For our pets the holidays are a time of eating opportunities culinary or otherwise, loud noises, new faces and of course stress. All this can lead to an unwanted, expensive visit to your veterinarian or the loss of your beloved pet.

Poisoning- this is the greatest danger to your pets over the holidays and is easiest to prevent. Never give left over dinner bones to dogs. Turkey bones can splinter and damage your dog internally, instead purchase bones from pet stores which are safe. Never give your pets candy, chocolate or alcohol. Holiday ornaments can be very dangerous if ingested by your pets. Keep them out of reach. Make sure electrical cords are covered. If your pet does become sick, do not try to induce vomiting, this could make your pet more sick. Take your pet to your veterinarian.

Lost pet- During the holidays people come and go from the house. Doors are often left open and your pet could escape while you are distracted. Dogs are often left in the back yard for hours and feel dejected by their owners lack of attention. There are lots of distractions in the streets so it is more likely they will try to escape.

Stress- A lot of new faces , sights and smells to get used to and often children will antagonize pets when they get together. Make sure your pets are kept in a quite part of the house away from loud music and merry people. A place where they will not be disturbed and feel safe from harm. If your pets have a pet sitter be sure to introduce them on neutral ground. Many dogs are territorial and may bite somebody who they see as an intruder. Do not forget about your pets. Take time to fuss- play with them and let them know you did not forget about them.

During the holidays our pets are most at risk, so be aware of possible dangers. The holidays are a time to celebrate and a time to give them more attention and not become a grieving pet owner. If you spend some time with your pets and they will reward you with affection.

Tips & Warnings

You can obtain information about pet poison-related emergencys at the ASPCA website.