Lovers(134659)Credit: lot of people are under the misconception that being in a relationship with someone is all fun and pleasure. This is not always the case. Anybody who has experienced being in love can attest to the fact that in order for a relationship to succeed, hard work and understanding is a prerequisite. It is also important to keep in mind that maintaining your marriage is not enough – what you need is to find ways on how to make it more romantic and exciting.

Many couples who have been married for a long time experience boredom in their relationship but this can be prevented if both parties are willing to make an effort to make their marriage better and more romantic.

Go on a romantic date

One of the most effective ways to keep your relationship more interesting is to invite your partner on a romantic date. Romantic dates, dinners and watching movies should not stop when you have been married for a long time. In fact, the longer the marriage, the more you should enjoy time together. According to experts, dating is a good way to remember those great moments you shared during the start of your relationship. Being on  a romantic getaway can help both of you to relax and forget about your worries and everyday tasks. It is also a good idea to be with your friends every once in a while and enjoy a cup of coffee or two.

Give your partner a call even if he/she is still at the office

Most young couples who are just starting their relationships always have the urge of  calling their sweetheart every hour of the day. This feeling shouldn’t be gone now that you are married for many years. If you want to keep your marriage aflame, find time in your busy schedule to call your love. This gesture will surely be appreciated.

However, make sure that you don't cross the line that separates thoughtfulness from being bothersome. Keep the duration of your calls to a minimum and try to time it during your partner's rest periods, like during lunch or when he's already getting ready to go home. Calling at inopportune times will not only distract your partner, it could also make him look unmotivated to his or her bosses and coworkers.

Cook together

Forget about the daily stresses in life and enjoy quality time together. Ask your relatives or parents to look over your children and set a wonderful dinner at home. Prepare and cook something special together. You can also turn on the radio for some soft music and enjoy your romantic moment. Make sure to make use of this special chance to talk, laugh and enjoy.

Be more expressive to your loved one

Being affectionate is a good way to let your sweetheart know that you care for him/her and that you will never be tired of doing so even if you have been together for a long time. Everyone wants some affection every now and then and without it, you may put your relationship in jeopardy. Therefore, in order to keep the fire burning, make sure to express your love even in trivial ways. For example, give her an unexpected kiss while she’s doing the laundry or hug her for a little while she’s busy in the kitchen. Those fleeting but tender moments can make your marriage more exciting.

Explore new things with your partner

Most of the time, couples who are in a long-term marriage feel that their relationship is just a routine, as if they are spending time together just because it is an obligation to do so. Since repetitive activities are part of the relationship and cannot be avoided, the two of you should be open to the idea of exploring new things. For instance, you can both try a new sport or check out the new restaurant that you have been wanting to try. It is also a good idea to surprise your partner – go to her favorite coffee shop together or bring her something special.

Last but not the least, respect boundaries

One of the more common causes of falling out of love is when people in a relationship see their partners as a possession. You may be married to each other for a long time, have kids, and live under one roof but you will never, ever own another person. Let your other partner choose which aspects of his or her life to share with you, and try to talk things over when there's an aspect that you feel you deserve to be a part of. Letting each other still maintain a sense of individuality will not only prevent feelings of constraint, it will also maintain a feeling of excitement between the two of you.