When most of us see a bug or ant in our kitchen, our natural instinct is to either grab some insect spray like Raid or grab a show and smash the little bugger. And while this is a temporary solution to the problem, the chances of them reappearing in a couple hours or days is high. But what if you don't have a shoe or pesticide available? What then? In this article I am going to discuss how to kill ants naturally using common things that you likely have in your house. Are you ready?

First of all, what makes ants different than other insects is that once they have identified a source of food, they will typically make a path to the food (hence why you will see ants moving in a straight line fashion). And the biggest problem with ants is that if you don't find and eliminate the source of the infestation, they are almost impossible to get rid of. Knowing this you first need to do two things:

  • Trace the ants back to their source. If it is inside, then chances are you will see them going in or behind a cabinet. There is likely some sort of breach to the outside.
  • See why the ants are invading in the first place to see where they are going- Typically, ants don't go anywhere without a reason. Look for the source or reason why they are here. A lot of times, you will notice that there is some food at the end of the trail.
Now supposing that you can locate the ant hill here are some natural methods to killing ants. All of these work quickly. In fact, chances are good that after a day or so, you will be totally rid of ants.

  1. Boil some water and add some salt- Then pour the concoction down into the ant hole. The boiling water will dissolve their tunnels and the salt will make the ants "lost" and lose all sense of direction.
  2. Add corn and grits around the ant hole- The ants will take this food to the queen. She will eat it and die. Ants can't digest corn and corn products. By eradicating the queen, the colony will be directionless.
  3. Buy some club soda and pour a full liter into the ant hole a day- This will completely eradicate the whole colony because the soda water will suffocate the ants.
  4. Boric acid and sugar-There is actually a science to this. If you apply too much boric acid, the ants will die on contact. That is not what you want to do though. You are using the sugar to lure the ants in. If done right, the ants will take the boric acid back to the colony and will kill the entire colony as they ingest it.
That is just 4 ways to kill ants naturally without pesticides that work. Of course, there are other natural methods that kill ants. The key is to be patient and vigilant. It may take a couple weeks, but combining a couple of these methods and you should be able to say good bye to ants forever.

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