Kiss (25950)

Kissing is an age old act that is traced back to even the primate days. It is a sign of showing affection to someone you care about. Whether you kiss on the hand, the head, the cheek or the lips, a kiss is a pretty strong signal (unless you are in Europe where the double kiss on the cheek is just like shaking hands!)

While kissing is mostly quite simple, such as kissing on the hand or cheek (just don't have too much saliva), kissing someone else on the mouth can be a pretty complicated experience. Especially if you don't have much experience in this area.

Someone first 'real' kiss is also a big moment in their life, a moment most people will never forget. So if you want to make that moment special, keep reading.

There are a few different kinds of kisses.

There is the 'peck' which involves pucking ones lips and pressing them against the other persons in a quick 'pecking' motion. This is how you should start the first kiss.

You can then move onto longer motions, where you continue to keep your mouth closed, but you hold up against the others mouth for a longer period. Here you can alternate between kissing the bottom and top lip, holding for one to three seconds on each the bottom and top lip then going back to pressing against both again. While you are doing this, you can bring in your hands to maybe hold their waste, neck, hair or cheek. Be gentle with your motions, don't grab hard, don't press hard. Keep your eyes closed.

The third type of kiss is the famous French kiss. This is where you move from the motion of having your lips closed, to open, and you can use your tongue in the kissing motion. A few things to note, don't stick your tongue out all the way down their throat, don't open your mouth too wide, don't bare your teeth (teeth to teeth or teeth to lips can cause serious pain), move slow, control your saliva. What you want to do here is while you are doing some closed mouth kissing, slowing open your mouth a little, then stick your tongue into your partner mouth just a little and see what the response is. If they reciprocate, gently massage their tongue with yours. This should be a sensual experience.

For a masterful kiss, you want to combine all of the above three kisses into a 'make out'. Here you can start with a peck, move into some closed mouth kissing, open the mouth a little with some tongue, peck, back off, go back for some closed mouth and back into the French. Mix it up, don't be repetitive. Switch between strong and soft motions. Tease a little.

Take these tips and you will be an expert kisser in no time! These tips work just as well if you a guy or a girl, bur if you are a guy, you will want to lead the interaction more so than the girl.