While knowing how to kiss well comes with practice and experience, there are a few tips you can follow to ensure a good experience on both sides. When you are with a long term partner who you fancy and feel comfortable with, kissing will come naturally and be pleasurable for both of you. However, if you are going on a first date and dread the kissing part, remember a few basic tips and you will be fine.

           Talking LipsCredit: wikimedia.commons                                              

Preparing to Kiss:

Before you go out brush your teeth and, if your lips are dry, apply some moisturizer (and perhaps some lip gloss if you are a girl). You don't want to worry about bad breath or dry, chapped lips when the time comes for kissing your partner. Avoid eating foods like garlic that leave your breath smelly if you are going on a date and likely to kiss

Photo: The girl in the photo  below has cleened her teeth, moisturized her lips with a littl lip-balm and maybe used a little mascara in anticipation of an upcoming date:

                                                          Girls Ready for Date with Clean Teeth and Light Lip Gloss                  

The Goodnight Kiss:

If it is a first date, you may not want to kiss your partner too passionately. A simple goodbye kiss at the end of the date shouldn't be too much to worry about. If you have both had a good time, it will be natural to lean in and give each other a kiss as you part.

As you say goodbye to your date, lean your head toward your partner's and tilt it to one side. Notice what your partner is doing and tilt your head in the opposite direction. This way you will avoid a clash of noses! Pucker your lips (keeping your mouth closed) and briefly kiss your partner on their lips. Move apart and walk away with a smile and a wave.

If you are nervous of nose-clashing or bad timing, you could always catch him unawares and give him a quick peck on the cheek. This shows you've enjoyed being with him and his smile at your action should show he is pleased.

A Quick Peck on the Cheek:

   Goodnight Kiss on Cheek

More Passionate Kissing:

More passionate kisses come in situations where you and your partner really like each other. There will be a mutual attraction and this will help you. Try to relax and go along with the feelings you are experiencing. If you are enjoying the kiss, then the chances are your partner is too. When you and your partner are in a cosy clinch and a pause comes in the conversation, you will probably both feel the time is right to kiss passionately.

This time when you kiss, stay with your lips on your partner's. Allow your lips to part slightly. Your mouths will fit together nicely as your heads are at an angle. Don't be too aggressive, or too wooden, try to match your partner's desire and speed. Move your mouth with your partner's. Respond to your partner's movements and move your mouth so that it feels good for you too.

                                             Teen Lovers Kissing Passionately:

                                               Lovers Kissing(88143)Credit: wikipedia.org

If the kiss is going well and it feels natural, open your mouth wider. You and your partner may want to touch tongues. Avoid ramming your tongue into your partner's mouth, however. Gently explore their mouth with your's and see if they are also starting to use their tongue. Moving your tongues together and probing them gently in and out of each other's mouths can be very pleasurable. Go with the flow. If you become self-conscious, or are finding the experience unpleasant, simply draw away and close your mouth. Smile at your partner and make conversation for a while until you feel comfortable again.

Get to Know Your Partner and Relax:

Learning how to kiss is easy if you are relaxed with your partner. You can laugh off any embarrassing slip ups, or ignore them. You will gradually become more confident in your kissing abilities and worry less about technique. Responding to your partner's lead, or desire, is important. Try not to dominate the kiss. Allow your partner to make their own movements with their mouth and respond to them in a similar way. You will naturally take turns to be more aggressive in your kissing. This, in turn, will stimulate your partner to kiss you back more passionately.

                                             A Couple Kissing

When You start to hang out with him more, and build up your trust in him, the worrying about kissing will cease to exist. You will kearn from each other and the experience will become more intimate and instinctual. Make efforts to get to know the boy futher if you continue to like and fancy him. If you develp a long-term relationship with him, whether or not it works out in the very long run, you will have fun with him an be able to work on your kissing skills - if both of you are enjoying yourselvves, that's a very good sign. 

Once you begin to enjoy shared meals out and take part in other shared interests, you should find that you feel more and more encomfortable around each other and your intimacy will grow. At this stage, you probably won't won't any more tips on how to kiss well, as it's likely you will already learned how to and an now do it instinctuively.


Take notice of how you are feeling as well as how your partner is responding to you. Two mutually compatible people will enjoy their partner's pleasure. It increases their own desire. Knowing how to kiss well isn't really something you can learn if you are just going through the motions. When you are with the right partner, kissing will come naturally. Meanwhile, if you in the first stages of dating, stick to the basics and progress gradually. Most of all, remember to relax and enjoy yourself. Kissing is a pleasure, not a chore!