Kissing a woman for the first time can be a bit frustrating for some guys, especially if they've never done it before or this relationship is "special" and they really don't want to move too fast and seem like an over-anxious freak, or move to slow and seem like an indecisive mama's boy. Either way, it's not pretty, so it's understandable why some guys may want to know what works and what doesn't.

Observe the Woman you're with:

There are several things you might want to consider first before trying to kiss the woman you're dating. Such as:

How long have you been dating this woman?

What I've noticed with some women is that length of time can play a role in whether or not she's ready to be kissed. If you try to go in for the kiss too early in the dating process and she rejects it, it might have nothing to do with you at all really, it could just be that for her it's "too early". This happened to me once. I didn't get the initial kiss I wanted, but later on we ended up in a five year relationship. Some women are just special that way.

What kind of a woman is she?

Seriously, think about it. Obviously you're attracted her, and she's either your girlfriend or soon-to-be girlfriend, so what do you know about her? Is she more reserved in the way she deals with men or is she more upfront? It may be true that you don't know that as of yet, which is fine, but there are other ways to "feel out" the situation.

What does her body language say?

When she's around you, how does she act? Is she hitting? Hitting is good. Touching indicates comfort in most cases. Laughing, smiling, and looking into your eyes, touching, playing. All these things indicate comfort and on some level, at least a basic attraction. Look for the signs. As you get to know her, you'll know them as it will become blatantly obvious that she wants to be kissed.

Are you giving her signals?

Women aren't dumb. And believe it or not, she's probably already thought about it. Some guys have this attitude as if it's all a gamble when it comes to kissing a girl for the first time. It's more of a fun little game, and she's having fun. It may reach a point where she knows you want to kiss her, but some women won't make it as obvious that they know and that they want you to. They just may want YOU to figure it out on your own and do something about it.

On To the Kissing:

If it's the first time, make sure that you two are alone and have some kind of privacy. This helps set the mood and to add to her level of comfort. I am stressing this word because when you think about human nature on the whole, we generally want to do things with those we're comfortable with when we're most comfortable. Think about it.

Since she's your girl I'd assume holding hands is not a problem, so go ahead and do so. If standing while holding her hand, gently embrace her with the other and pull her towards you. You're a man right? Good. She knows it, you should know it to. Be firm, but gentle, never forceful, never in a hurry. In fact, as you come close to her, allow her to move towards you as well.

Advice can only go so far at this point as you'll have to feel out the situation. If this girl really likes you, she's probably just as nervous, anxious, and excited as you are. So be calm, and do the things that will make her feel both safe and sexy with you.

As she comes toward you and you wrap your hands around her waist, she'll let you know if she wants to be kissed or not. You'll know. A good sign is if she puts her arms around your neck, a very good sign.

If the coast seems clear, begin to kiss her gently at first and as the moment builds you can begin to kiss her more passionately. But always feel out the situation and remain in the flow of the moment. Another little gem to remember is anticipation. Nothing builds attraction like a little anticipation. So while kissing her, as she leans in, lean out a bit and gently kiss her lips while still pulling her toward you. She'll love you for it.

If you're not a professional kisser, that's fine. If that's the case and all of this is new to you, just remember that in most cases less is more. So let things build slowly and use anticipation.