Wine and Cheese

The general rule of thumb is that white dry wines go with fish and poultry, and red wines with meat and usually cheese.

Things You Will Need

wine, wineglassesWine Glass

Step 1

White dry wine goes best with poultry or fish and red wines go best with meat. Rose's are generally served cold with cold summer dishes, but are also good with poultry or ham. Sweet white wines are for dessert, while champagne is good with some sweet dishes, it can be served throughout the meal.

Step 2

White and Rose' wines should be chilled. About an hour is usually enough to give it enough chill. If you get the wine too cold you will kill it's flavor. Red wines are to be served at room temperature. Champagne should be chilled and held to stay chilled in an ice bucket.

Step 3

Wines served in stemmed glasses, that are clear not colored is best, and large enough to swirl the wine around to appreciate its bouquet. A good rule is a seven ounce stemmed glass and it should be filled about 1/3 to 1/2 full.
Wines should be kept in a cool dry place. Bottles stored on their sides so the corks don't dry out. Fortified wines, like sherry, Madeira and Port this is not as important. Move the bottles carefully so you don't disturb the sediment, if you notice any foreign matter in the bottom of a bottle, decant the wine before serving.

Tips & Warnings

Tip: One half bottle of wine per person when serving a full course meal.

Warning: If you have wine leftover in an open bottle, store in the refrigerator and use for cooking. If kept cool, it should last about a week and can add flavor to many dishes; after that it turns vinegary.