Boss doesn't like you

Sometimes when our jobs change and people come and go, we don't get to pick who we want to work for. Sometimes it's bad chemistry and sometimes just poor management. You may even start out on the wrong foot with the new boss. It's not always intended but sometimes too late to change the bad light you have put on yourself. If you're not quite sure if the boss doesn't like you, here are some sure signs to shed some light on it if you are one of his most unfavorable employees.

The first sign that your new boss doesn't like you is when the only time he wants to see you in his office is when you have done something wrong except, if he wants to heap a huge project on you. It gives you a sick feeling every time he calls you into his office because you know it's ALWAYS bad news. Of course, there are times when he says hi, but that is just common courtesy and doesn't count for too much.

When you are having one of your talks and your boss says, "It's not that I don't like you…" That is a sure sign or it wouldn't have been thought of or said. It is a line to convince you that he does like you, when in fact, he doesn't at all. It is pure psychology. Don't let it fool you, he has to convince you he likes you, so when he fires you he can cover the truth or his conscience. 

He talks behind your back and thinks you don't hear him. This is one sure sign! Maybe your boss doesn't realize your back from lunch and is talking a little too loud but you heard him alright. This is one sign that cannot be denied or rationalized by you and you might as well accept it. 

You are going crazy trying to please and appease on a professional level and instead it seems he's looking for "legitimate ways" to get rid of you. Even worse, you think you know who he is looking to replace you with! The knit picking is becoming a habitual past time now. Yep, it happens to the best of us and with a little strategic planning, before you even realize it, you have the boot and in someone else will scoot.

The last obvious sign is that he says clearly in a meeting that "some of us will get promoted and some of us will Never be promoted as he looks at you. Start looking for your new job now, it's just not worth the worry anymore!


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