A dog is part of your family and you want her to be healthy and strong. This is why you are feeding her the very best diet dog food on the market.

You have done your research. You know that there aren't any by-products or bone meal, or any of that other garbage that most dog foods are made of. The question is how do you know when to change dog food?

Your dog food is full of vitamins and nutrition, with all the essential fatty acids and fiber. You are also sure that it is made with 95% quality meat, not the kind that says chicken flavor, only giving her a mere 25% meat source.

Well, then what are we talking about? If you are doing all those things, why would you ever consider changing your dogs food or diet? She has been perfectly happy on this diet dog food for the last few years.

Well, let me ask you this? Does she still have as much energy as she used to? Is she racing you out the back door to play fetch and still following you around the house everywhere you go? Hopefully, you are answering yes. But here are some more things to think about and watch for.

How does her coat look, shiny or dull? Can she still keep up on her daily walks or is she starting to slow down? Now, getting down the nitty gritty or the down and dirty…how is her poop? Is it runny or has she had trouble with constipation?

The reason I am asking you all of these questions is to find out if your dog is ready for change in her diet and to see if this is when to change dog food. The questions I have asked are things you should look for and your answers may determine your action that you need to take.

Now if you think your wonderful dog may be going through some of these, first contact your vet and discuss each of them. Your vet will help you further understand what's going on and suggest a different diet dog food and possibly some supplements.

If your dog is getting up in years, she may need to be on a senior diet dog food. This will help her as far as digestion, fewer calories so she won't have a problem with weight and more fiber. There are also more concentrations of the vitamins and minerals needed for an older dog.

But when you decide to change dog food, don't do it overnight, do it gradually over a couple of weeks, with the mixture being a 50/50 at the end of the first week. This will be easier on her system and give her a chance to adjust to her new diet.

This way too you will be able to watch her for any changes happening gradually. You want to make this a positive experience for her.

Another change may be in the calories your dog needs. If she is kept outside in the winter, she will need more food to keep her warm.

You may want to add a food with higher calories and more protein. Your dogs diet is so important. And she relies totally on you to care for her, making sure that she is fed to live out her life as long and as healthy as possible.

With the information that you will gather from the questions, and reviewing these with your vet, you will ultimately make the best decision where your precious pooch is concerned. Now, go give your dog some love, she is waiting for you.

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