I will be explaining to you, how to know if you have had too many alcoholic beverages.

Things You Will Need

Some alcohol
A decent brain
Hopefully I'm not too late

Step 1

If you had anything to drink, do not drive!

Step 2

It's so easy to just call a cab or take a bus, who were you drinking with? Was there a designated driver? The should be!

Step 3

Plan ahead. If your gonna go out with the boys or the girls designate a driver, if you go out frequently rotate spots. If everyone is in a mood to party, throw in for a cab (Don't throw up), take the bus, your city may even have volunteers to drive home people under the influence.

Step 4

If you want to drive and you are not sure if you are over the legal limit, if you are even questioning the slightest possibility that your judgment has been impaired, find an alternate form of transportation. You may also find it useful to stay at a friends place, if you have decent friends they will have no problem letting your crash on their couch, rather than crash your car. If your friends would rather carry you to your car and hand you they keys, you have some serious work to do!

Step 5

This doesn't just apply to alcohol, if you have been under the influence of any drug that will impair your judgment and your ability to conduct a vehicle, it is against the law to drive! Not only will you get caught and arrested you might hurt your self, even worse than that hurt somebody else.
Plan...Plan...Plan...That is the key to a safe night out. Have a plan, if you have no plan you may be too impaired to form one, a safe one. Do not drink and drive, or smoke and fly!

Tips & Warnings

Don't drink and drive!!!!!!
Don't operate a vehicle if your judgment is impaired in any way.