Depression (15595)You don't feel too good, you're lethargic, have no energy and cry a lot. How do you know if you are suffering from depression or just having a bad day? Here are some of the signs and symptoms of depression, although it is not an exclusive list of clinical depression.

If you are suffering from many of the items on this list, then you could be suffering from depression and should go and see a doctor or psychologist.

You just feel sad, for no specific reason. Even though to someone else you life seems to be going fine, there is a deep inner sadness that you can't shake.

You move slowly, you lack energy to do what you used to do. You can't think where your energy has gone.

You used to plan for the day, but somehow your plan has gone. You don't have the energy to make a plan any more.

You look at your situation and life seems hopeless. You have anxiety over many small things.

All you need is a little thought and you're crying, or a movie that you've been watching makes you cry and you can't stop.

The daily things you used to do and enjoy just don't interest you any more. To do the daily chores is just that, a huge chore. You have no motivation to do anything.

You are having problems concentrating or making decisions, when a decision comes along you postpone it.

You are either eating more or eating less. Your weight has gone noticeably up or down.

You are just tired all the time, maybe you wake up in the middle of the night, maybe you can't go to bed at night or wake up very early in the morning.

You can't put a start date to feeling like this, it's come on gradually.

You have thoughts about death or suicide.

Other people think you can just stop being depressed, but you can't.

These symptoms of depression can be common in a teenager, or just before menstruation. Especially watch for these signs post partum. Although anyone can get depression, depression is more common in women than in men.