Your child is not a little person and thus needs limits on his or her environment and the use of technology has surpassed some of use who are still learning to use the VCR remote. Most kids when the reach the age of 10 or older begin to plead for a cell phone. Some kids are very mature and can handle the responsibility of using a Cell Phone and some have no sense of time. Before you say no, check out all the options.

Things You Will Need

Pre-paid Cell Phone

Step 1

Begin by choosing an age appropriate cell phone for your child. There are several different cell phones for those who are under 10 years old to choose from (note: see resources for more information). If your child is over 10 years of age, begin by offering a prepaid cell phone for a trial period, maybe one or two months.

Step 2

Have a list of predetermined phone numbers that the child can call every day and how many times they are required to call those numbers. Have a preset amount on the prepaid cell phone, this could be more or less, depending on whom and how the child is required to use the cell phone.

Step 3

After the trial period, if your child has stayed within the requirements that were described and set forth, extend the trial period another two months without letting your child know. If the child still stays within the limits, you may want to include another cell phone on the plan that you already have or you could opt for a separate cell phone plan. (note: see resources for more information).

Step 4

If your child goes over the preset amount of money on the prepaid cell phone, then you may want to reconsider adding another cell phone to your cell phone plan and thus you may want to reconsider the style and type of cell phone your child needs to be able to stay in touch with you, the parent.

Tips & Warnings