So you have made it to Hollywood and now you want to be on film. The town is a big business that isn't always friendly to newcomers. Hence the reason you should start working toward a commercial acting gigs. Have you have seen those commercials on television, the ones where people share products and services? Those are paid actors and actresses who get cash every time it is played on the tube. Commercial acting gigs are fairly easy to land, once you know the ropes and get your name out there. Here's some great how to information on landing a commercial acting gig.

Things You Will Need

Coming to Hollywood

Commercial acting

Need to be on Television

Step 1

Start by finding yourself an acting class in the Hollywood area. As there are more and more commercials being shot, the producers reach out to industry professionals to find new faces. These places that are being targeted are at classes and agents. A class will also help you quickly learn the points of acing an audition. Most of the classes are four to six weeks so you can jumpstart your career.

Step 2

Start watching the television and see how commercials are presented. While we usually watch the television for shows, being that you are interested in being on a commercial, you need to know what is expected. Body language as well as wording is shown on every commercial we see. Take time to see the current trends.

Step 3

Start looking for auditions. You can sign up to several different websites which offer audition listings for you to go to or you can find yourself a commerical agent. Either way you need to get out there and find your commercial audition.

Step 4

Practice the entire audition process before you go. It is important to know what a profile slate is, how to act and above all how to keep that smile going at all times. You need to be comfortable in your own skin to make your audition shine.

Step 5

Be serious about your new endeavor and ask for help. Getting your name out there by using the Internet and going to actor workshops will get your acting career going faster. Don't be shy as Hollywood is loud and proud.

Step 6

Once you get your first contract, be happy with your success. Each time your commercial is played you will get money. If it is a popular commercial, this means you will get thousands of dollars for only working a few days! Commercial acting is a field that provides opportunity for all actors no matter their age or body type. Producers and companies are looking for people to pitch their products and make middle America buy. If you feel you can do well, then give it a try!

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