English use in business world wide

If you want to be a certified PMP project manager, you must learn English. If you want to sell your products internationally, you should learn English. If you want to buy products from a foreign country, you should learn English. English is the most important business language in the world.

If you do not understand English very well, you may have trouble doing business outside of your country. Many business people have found that they can conduct trade effectively using the English language. A person who speaks Chinese may not want to learn Italian because they have no use for that language except for a small business purchase from a company in Italy. A person who speaks Italian may not want to learn Chinese just to complete one sale. The key for both people is to learn English. They can then communicate in that language and complete the transaction.

Many people have discovered that English is the language of business. They know that English is important not because it is spoken in England, the United States, Canada, Australia and other large and small countries. It is important because it allows people to communicate with people anywhere in the world. In addition to 53 countries that have English as an official language, many international agencies use English for all of their communications. This includes the United Nations, NATO and the European Union. While the countries use English due to their heritage, the international agencies use English because more people know the language than any other. Before this fact was true, English was still the agencies' choice since it was the language most people actively learned.

The way to learn business English is to understand simple words that will often be used in business. This article is using simple words and some intermeditate ones. The simple words that will be useful for business people are below.

Simple Business English Words That You Must Understand

Account - a customer of a company or bank will have an account created for them.
Barter - negotiate, deal, trade
Cash - money, dollars
Debit - owe, cost, debt
Credit - receive, get, money
Trade - deal, barter, sell, buy
Buy - get product from a company or person for a money cost
Sell - give product to a company or person for a money cost

There are many more words that are used in business. Contract, law, project to list a few. When you are learning English as a business person, you need to learn what these words mean and how to use them. Your English teacher may not teach all of these words at first but they will help you learn them. This is important when you want to start doing business using the English language.

As a project manager, you will need to understand English very well if you want to be a certified PMP project manager. The Project Management Institute test for project managers is only available in English. The major language used by international projects is English. This is because the only language used for PMP testing is English. If you work in projects and want to work in other countries then you should learn business English. You can take the PMP exam and work on international projects.

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