how to learn a foreign language

My Miracle Movie Technique for Learning Foreign Languages

Many years ago, I stumbled upon a miraculous way to learn a foreign language that is so easy you won't believe it.
I learned conversational Italian in six weeks by using this simple technique in my travels, and Spanish in 8 weeks. German, is a bit harder so it took a full three months to learn!

Things You Will Need

A DVD Playerforeign languagelearning a foreign languagelearn foreign languagesEnglish as a Second Language

Step 1

foreign languageDo your best to get a hold of the greatest movie you have ever seen. You know, the one that you have already seen 10 times and still can't get enough of? Even if it's an old black and white movie like 'It's a Wonderful Life', get it. Hunt it down, if you must, and purchase it, in DVD form with voice-over in other languages. Several different favorite movies would be good.

Step 2

learn foreign languagesOn slow nights, watch your all time favorite movie DVD arsenal- in English and then in The Foreign language. Do this over and over again, English first, then watch the foreign version right afterwards. Do this repeatedly for weeks or until you can repeat and understand every phrase in the foreign version.

Step 3

learning a foreign languageSubtitles will prove very helpful later on when you're ready to learn to read the language. For starters though, just be content learning the correct pronunciation and intonation of speaking terms like: How's it going? What Happened? Look out! Since this is your all time favorite movie, you probably know all the words in English anyway so you won't get confused watching the foreign version, you may even find this fascinating, and you won't get tired of watching it 30 times.

Step 4

Because you already know what is going to happen in every scene of the movie, your mind is always ready to process the foreign words, easily. You will be amazed at your conversational skills after watching Forrest Gump just a few times a week as a way to learn a foreign language. English as a Second LanguageThat's it, it's just that simple. Now remember, it's got to be a film you absolutely love, one with lots of action and words, and humor. When I want to learn a new foreign language (I already speak 3) the film: The Blues Brothers with John Belushi, Dan Ackroyd, is my language course of choice.

Tips & Warnings

My Miracle Movie Technique also works wonders without prolonged travel to foreign countries, although I highly recommend you supplement this technique with extensive travel and some kind of language course, you will still learn to speak the language, conversationally, by staying at home and watching the Blues Brothers 30 times, alternating each time between English and Foreign language versions.
Foreign travel expands your horizons and teaches you the very culture of the countries that speak the language you wish to learn. This creates a new you that is more than just a conversational robot spitting out mechanical terms, you can engage with others in a more intimate way when you know their culture and you may at that point call yourself truly fluent.