The economic downturn has significantly increased the unemployment rates which mean that there are large numbers of applicants for any given available jobs. In order to get the job you are applying for, you need to beat the rest of the competition during job interview. Do you know how to leave a good impression during job interviews? Find out how

Outside Appearance
You need to have a good professional look no matter what type of job you are applying for. Have a neat haircut before going to job interviews. Shave your facial hairs and trim down finger nails so you look more hygienic. Dress up properly.

It is normal to feel nervous during interview especially for panel interviews. Answering questions with confidence is very important to make a good impression with the person doing the interview. Keep in mind that you have been pre-qualified by the recruiter based on your resume that is why you were invited for an interview. It also means that you are a step ahead from other applicants for the position.

Doing your homework prior to the interview can greatly help you boost confidence and make your interviewer feel that you know what you are talking about. Gaining knowledge about the company background can also help you become more confident.

Firm Handshake
Handshake tells a lot about the person. When you meet somebody during the interview, give them a firm handshake and eye contact. It sends a different signal to the person when you do this.

Ask Questions
An applicant who does not ask questions sends an unpleasant signal to the interviewer that you lack interest in the company or the position you are applying for. Look at an interview as an opportunity to learn something about the company and not about you only. So if given the chance to ask, do not be afraid to ask about the company or the job description. If you did you homework, you will be able to ask sound questions about the company which leaves a good impression towards you.

Not all interviews can land you a job so it is best to treat every interview as a learning experience and a good way to improve so that you will not feel frustrated. If there are question that you failed to answer, learn from it by finding out the answer so that you will be prepared on your next interview. As a candidate, it is your responsibility to show up few minutes before the scheduled interview. Being late or failure to show up could cost you the job opportunity. Send a thank you letter or email within the next day and make a follow up on your interview by phone call or email after a week.

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