A healthy and beautiful hair is the aspiration of many women and an increasing number of men; although, the majority of men would feel happy just by keeping the hair they have.  The number of products specifically designed to lessen hair loss is increasing by the day but only two (2) products have been scientifically proven to stop it or in some cases boost hair growth; however, even if you are not keen on using these products there are certain habits that will improve the health of your hair and as a consequence your self-esteem - it is difficult to imagine a more decisive feature in the appearance of human beings than hair or the lack of it and the truth is that hair is considered a sign of beauty in many societies.


Standard of Beauty and Hair

Portrait by Bethany MurrellCredit: Bethany MurrellNowadays and partly blamed to the high standard of beauty set by Hollywood stars and super models, more and more people are paying extra attention to the care and good health of their hair, we always select the best shampoo possible, the best hairdresser and when we have an important event such as a wedding, birthday party or a date, one of the first thing we take care of is the hair; probably this is one of the reasons why the number of hair transplant is on the increase, even well-known people such as the famous rugby player Wayne Rooney has gone through this process; however, it is important to remember that good health is not only linked to a better skin or a younger appearance, the healthier you are the healthier your hair will be  – stress, lack of vitamins and insufficient sleep have a direct impact on the way you look and feel but it could also be one of many possible reasons why your hair is falling.   

First Signs of Hair Loss

Without a doubt, one of the major concerns for both sexes is hair loss; it is always alarming when you first realize you are losing your hair and the first thing we do is to worry about losing it all, this is when you will be in front of the mirror everyday, trying to identify any hair loss pattern and the preventive methods you could take to combat this annoying but common problem. The first signs  vary from person to person - there are an increasing number of teenagers with a decreasing hairline but it is also true that many people in their 50s, 60s and even older still preserve a head full of healthy hair. There are different reasons why hair loss occurs: long period of stress, lack of vitamins, certain conditions such as alopecia or simply genetic factors, and although alopecia is a very difficult condition to treat, all the other causes could be easily treated or at least controlled in order to lessen hair loss.


Natural Ways to Prevent Hair Loss

1. Relax: stress is one of the main reasons of temporary hair loss. 

2. Healthy Diet: iron, zinc, vitamin A and protein will help to keep the hair you have.

3. A gently massage your scalp will stimulate blood flow in your scalp.

4. Stop smoking: smoking will accelerate graying and hair loss.

5. The medication you are taking could be the cause of your hair loss – read their side effects or consult your doctor.

6. Go easy on your hair: strengtheners, tints, dyes, and bleaches should be avoided until your hair gets stronger

7. Hairstyles: hair your brush carefully and avoid some hairstyles such as ponytails or permanent waves.


Best Natural Products for Hair Loss

Credit: Bethany Murrell1. Amla Oil: this is one of the best nutrient hair oil you will find, one of the many properties of amla oil is to provide nutrition to your scalp and prevent hair loss.


2. Coconut Oil: it is perfect to take care of the right balance of the nutrients that your hair needs to keep growing and problem free; the deep penetration of the coconut oil strengthens the root of your hair.

Best Products for Hair Loss

Credit: Bethany Murrell1. Rogaine: one of the first FDA approved products - Rogaine or minoxidil has been scientifically proven to prevent hair loss; after a couple of months of regular use your hair will start to grow stronger. The stimulating effect on hair growth in men and women is successful for some type of baldness.


2. Propecia: probably the most effective product invented for hair loss; it works by inhibiting the formation of DHT in your scalp, this is one of the main reasons why your hair follicle shrinks and your hair falls. The effects are visible in more than 90% of men taking an oral table once a day.


 3. Nizoral Shampoo: although the positive properties of Nizoral shampoo on hair loss has not been scientifically demonstrated; this product is probably the best shampoo to combat hair loss, itching scalp, flaking and dandruff. The DHT inhibitors effect is still to be confirmed.