Farmville is a very popular Facebook application that allows it's users to create their own character and build their own farm. This article will teach you how to level up fast in Farmville on Facebook.

Things You Will Need

Facebook profile

Step 1

Log into your Facebook profile and add Farmville if you do not already have this application on your Facebook profile. You can add Farmville to your Facebook by clicking on the applications button at the bottom of the screen and typing in Farmville. Once Farmville is on your profile, you can create your character and start leveling up. You will need to harvest different plants and build different things on your farm in Farmville to gain experience and level up.

Step 2

Add friends as neighbors on Farmville. Once you have added your friends as neighbors on Farmville, you will be able to go to their farm and help them with things and gain experience. The more neighbors you have on Farmville, the more experience you can gain because you will be able to help all of them. Make sure to come back daily to help your friends on Farmville so that you can gain the maximum amount of experience.

Step 3

Harvest plants. Make sure that you harvest plants daily on Farmville and come back for them when they are ready. If you do not come back to your farm and harvest the plants when they are ready, they will be ruined. Each time you harvest plants on Farmville you will gain experience and mastery for that particular plant. Choose plants that will give high amounts of experience to level up faster in Farmville.

Step 4

Celebrate with your Farmville friends. Each time one of your Farmville friends levels up or earns a ribbon you will be able to celebrate with them. Celebrating with your friends on Farmville will give you a small amount of experience and some coins. Check your Facebook wall for people that are letting you celebrate with them for their Farmville achievement. Make sure that you do this the same day that it is posted on your wall because you cannot celebrate if you are too late.

Tips & Warnings

Log into Farmville daily to gain the maximum amount of experience possible.