Chances are that you either have heard of or play Mafia Wars. This is one of the most popular applications out today. This game allows players to create characters and build their own Mafia. This article will teach you how to level up fast in Mafia Wars.

Things You Will Need

Computer, Internet, Facebook or Myspace profile

Step 1

Start out by adding Mafia Wars to your Myspace or Facebook profile if you have not already done so. You can do this by going to the applications page on either website and typing in Mafia Wars. Once Mafia Wars is on your profile, you can create your character and start building your Mafia. Make sure that when you create your Mafia Wars character, you choose Maniac class. This class allows Mafia Wars players to gain energy faster. Energy is what is used to complete missions and gain experience in Mafia Wars.

Step 2

Now start completing missions on Mafia Wars. The more missions you complete, the more experience you will gain and the faster you will level up. Completing missions is the fastest way to level up in Mafia Wars. Each time you level up your Mafia Wars character, use your skill points to build your character's energy so that you can complete more missions each time you log into Mafia Wars. This will allow you to gain more experience and level up multiple times daily in Mafia Wars.

Step 3

Complete all 3 job tiers in all of the New York jobs. Doing this will give you a special item called the golden throne. This item will give you 2x energy each time you gain energy. This is one of the best items in the game and will help you level up much faster as you play through Mafia Wars. It will take you some time to complete this task but it is well worth it for the energy buff.

Step 4

Log into Mafia Wars daily and make sure to ask friends for energy packs. Each day you can use 1 energy pack that will give you 125% total energy. You will want to make sure that you use all of the energy that you have and try to use your energy packs effectively. Try not to use energy packs right before you level up because if you wait and level up, you will get full energy and that will all be wasted by using your energy pack. If you can manage to log into Mafia Wars daily, you will level up much faster than other players who cannot log in every day. Array

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