Mobsters 2: Vendetta is the sequel to one of the most popular Myspace and Facebook applications ever. This game allows you to create your own character, build your mob and fight other mobs. This article willt each you how to level up fast in Mobsters 2: Vendetta.

Things You Will Need

Facebook profile

Mobsters 2: Vendetta Character

Step 1

Start out by adding Mobsters 2: Vendetta to your Facebook profile if you have not already done so. You can add Mobsters 2: Vendetta by clicking on the applications button located at the bottom of your main Facebook page. Once in this menu, click browse applications and then type in Mobsters 2: Vendetta. Once the application comes up, add it to your profile and open the application.

Step 2

Once you start playing Mobsters 2: Vendetta, you will be able to create your avatar. Once you have completed this, you will need to start completing missions. In mobsters 2: Vendetta, you use energy to complete missions that give you experience and help you level up. Start completing as many missions as possible in Mobsters 2: Vendetta to help level up faster. Once you level up, you will gain stat points that you can use to build your character in Mobsters 2: Vendetta.

Step 3

Add stat points into your energy for the first 50 levels or so to help you complete more missions each time you log into Mobsters 2: Vendetta. The more energy you have, the more missions you will be able to complete. As you level up and complete missions in Mobsters 2: Vendetta, you will unlock new classes. There are many different classes that you can choose from in Mobsters 2: Vendetta and each one will give you special stats that you can use to level up faster. Some classes give you more experience for fighting, some for doing gambling missions, etc. You can only change classes once each time you level up in Mobsters 2: Vendetta so make sure that you choose a good class for whatever you are doing in the game.

Step 4

Use energy drinks in Mobsters 2: Vendetta. Friends can send you energy drinks that will allow you to get a quick energy boost that you can use to help complete more missions. Use these to your advantage to help get that last little bit of experience needed to level up so that you can get a full energy bar in Mobsters 2: Vendetta. Use these tips and you should be leveling up very quickly in Mobsters 2: Vendetta on Facebook. Array

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