With the internet now a part of everyday life and most jobs, parents need to teach kids how to use the internet safely and smartly. This can be difficult when you can’t be with your child for every moment they are on the internet. Fortunately, there are many child web filter software programs available to help parents limit internet access and control what their child sees and does on the internet.

Features of Internet Protection Software for Kids

Child safety web filters provide parents with an assortment of options for controlling their child’s web access. Some of these options include blocking acceInternet protection softwareCredit: Flickr: Speculum Mundiss to websites based on a list of keywords, only allowing access to sites on a white list specified by the parent, password protection to the internet, and the ability to set time limits. Some also monitor your child’s online activities and send you detailed reports and instant alerts. This can include reports and alerts about emails, social network activities, and instant messages. You can choose to have the alerts sent to you via email or phone.

Types of Internet Filters

Some web filters come as part of an overall computer security software package. These software packages will protect against viruses, malware, spyware, and provide parental control settings. Other internet filters are strictly for the parent to control their child’s internet access.

Paid vs. Free Internet Filters

You have the option to purchase internet filtering software, such as Safe Eyes Parental Control Suite, or downloading free software available on the internet such as ProCon Latte and Web Wheels. Some programs, such as KidsWatch, will offer you a free trial period so you can decide if you want to purchase the full package.

Free software will give you the basic parental controls on the internet that you need, such as blocking obvious pornographic websites and certain keywords. However, web filter software that you pay for will be much more sophisticated and customizable. The internet filters that you can buy will also have the more advanced features such as setting time limits and sending you alerts about your child’s internet activities.

Most paid child web filtering software programs are reasonably priced in the $15 to $50 range. However, if this cost is not within your budget, the free options will provide you with the basic features and parental controls that you need to limit internet access. When your child is on the internet, having any internet filter installed will do more than give you peace of mind. It will help keep your child safe while on the internet.