You may not know what new songs you will like, but Pandora does. At first Pandora had a box, now she has her very own internet radio station. Pandora radio will literally read your mind through their music genome project.

Things You Will Need

Internet connection

Step 1

You will need a relatively fast internet connection to keep Pandora streaming consistently. Pretty much anything above dial up will do.

Step 2

Sign up for Pandora Radio. This is a fairly simple process and you basically only need to provide your email address.

Step 3

Set up your custom Pandora stations. If you like the Strokes (I am listening to the Strokes station right now), then you can set up a Pandora radio station that plays music similar to the strokes. You will hear song from a lot of artists that you recognize and some that you don't. It allows you to expand your musical library by introducing new artists.

Step 4

Listen to Pandora Radio on your mobile phone if you have an iPhone or a Blackberry. They have not yet made an app for the Google Android but hopefully it will come out soon.

Step 5

Experience Pandora soon, before the music industry cracks down on this like they did Napster and you have to pay for it.


Tips & Warnings