Picture yourself being at the center of a hurricane's route. The specialists at the weather bureau have calculated its route to pass at around forty-five miles to the south, yet in the past half hour, it has taken a sudden change of course to the north. There is not enough time to get packed and leave, and it is likely that all motels and hotels within a 150 mile radius are either packed full or shut down because of all the people trying to escape the hurricane's path. Fortunately for you, your house has a basement that you could take you and your loved ones into for protection. The worst that could happen is that one of the hurricane's tornadoes hits your house, leaving it totally destroyed. Across a couple hundred yards, there is wrecked furniture that was thrown all over by the storm. All of your belongings, including pans, computers, pots and photo albums have either been shattered, smashed or thrown about like trash.

72 Hour Survival PackIt is fortunate that you and your loved ones escaped without being harmed. Once you have experienced the preliminary ruin and disbelief, you start concentrating on more important matters. There is no running water or electricity, and in the meantime, you and your loved ones are hungry and thirsty. For the most part, your neighbors are having the same experience; all of the trees have been knocked down and the roads are in ruin, and you have no idea as to what is going on beyond your community. You are left to wonder if, or when, help will come.

This is obviously an incredibly difficult and intense situation, and sadly, it occurs each year. You could defend you and your loved ones quite effectively just by owning a pre-packaged emergency backpack. This should consist of supplies like a sleeping bag, an emergency radio, food, flashlights, water, a first aid kit and all other provisions you would require for survival in the first seventy-two hours of a disaster. All of these items could be placed into a backpack, and all family members could take their bags with them as they relocate to a shelter without any trouble.

The resulting destruction of hurricane Katrina is something that all of us have witnessed. You will always be subject to some kind of natural disaster, irregardless of what region you reside in. We all can be impacted by landslides, earthquakes, blizzards, floods and other natural disasters. Add all of these dangers on top of the threat of man-made upheavals, like a terrorist attack.

Owning your very own survival backpack is a true necessity, and it is something that could end up saving you and your family's lives in the end.