For those of you who have been diagnosed with ADD, there are ways to improve your daily life and use your unique characteristic to your advantage!

Things You Will Need

Vitmain B Complex Supplements

L-Tyrosine Supplements

Fruits and Veggies

Whole Grains

15 minutes a day

Water Bottle

Step 1

You may or may not already be taking a prescription to controll your ADD symptoms, while most of these medications do help tremendously, there are some side effects and ways to improve your lifestyle to possobly reduce or eliminate the need for prescription medication!

Step 2

The number one way to improve your mental abilities-that also has great physical benefits- is a diet alteration.

Start out by eliminating all sugary foods like candy and sweet foods. Pop is another major bad carb for those of us with ADD! In addition to sugary foods, avoid anything white-bread, noodles, potatoes, rice, etc.

Instead drink natural juices, whole grains and brown rice. These are consiered conplex carbs which take longer for your body to break down, so you won't process the carbohydrates as quickly as white carbs-which lead to crashes and negative effects on mental functions.

In addition to whole grains, eat plenty of fruits and veggies with toppings like peanutbutter and cream cheese.

Lastly, eat plenty of protein which contain proteins essential for brain growth and function. BUT don't just eat any meat, stick with lean protein like nuts, beans, eggs, and chicken or beef with the axtra skin and fat trimmed off.

Step 3

Diet isn't the only thing that you need to alter, even a small addition of daily excercise can not only boost your energy levels and improve thinking and brain function-you can also stay nice and trim while excercising!!

Its recommended that ADD individuals briskly walk at LEAST 15 minutes a day-preferrably in the morning-so blood flow is increased and alertness is improved. Not to mention you'll feel great after a nice walk!

Step 4

There are other ways to improve your lifestyle through supplements. One uncommon supplement that was recommended to me and has helped tremendously: L-Tyrosine, which is a non-essential amino acid that promotes brain function growth. Its best to start in smaller doses, but your doctor can help you decide if its right for you, and how much to take.

Another basic supplement is B-Complex supplements, which includes several B vitamins that work together to improve energy levels and concentration. Again, consult your doctor before adding this into your daily regimine.

ADD can be difficult to live with, but it can be controled enough to life a positive healthy life. You can always find a way to use it to your advantage as a form of a figt that isn't something that everyone gets!

Tips & Warnings