American culture idealizes women with a medium-to-small noses. Think of Natalie Portman, with her delicate sniffer; Angelina Jolie, with her finely-chiseled schnoz; Lindsay Lohan, with her button-cute snoot. If you're a woman with a big nose, you may feel intimidated by the way pop culture glamourizes women with smaller noses. Read on for tips on how to live with—and love—a big nose.

Tip # 1: Counter-Balance a Big Nose With the Right Hair Cut

The right hair style can restore balance to your face, shifting viewers' attention away from your nose and back to your overall visage. If you don't already wear bangs, consider going to the salon for a fringe. Soft, wispy bangs, hanging straight or parted to one side, draw attention up to the forehead and eyes.

Tip # 2: Use Make-up to Diminish the Appearance of a Big Nose

If your nose is too wide, draw a vertical line of white eye shadow (not the shimmery kind) down the upper bridge of your nose and blend. This will make your nose appear thinner.

If your nose is long, use a slightly darker foundation (preferably powder) on your nose and blend. The darker color will help your nose look smaller.

If you don't like the idea of using unusual make-up colors on your nose, try accentuating your eyes with shadow and mascara, or plumping up your pout with striking lipstick shades. By playing up a different feature, you draw attention away from your nose.

Tip #3: Learn to Love Your Nose

The best way to cope with a big nose may simply be to accept yourself as you are. Feeling comfortable in your own skin is not about changing your skin, it's about changing your mindset. If you have a big nose, consider this:

There are people out there who find big noses attractive.

There are people out there who don't even notice (or care about) things like nose size.

There are people out there who see beauty in other ways.

You won't find true happiness worrying about what others think, because you cannot control what others think. You can only control yourself.

Tip #4: Therapy

If you're still having a hard time dealing with your looks, try a little bit of cognitive therapy on yourself. Tell yourself, repeatedly, that you are beautiful—your nose, your face, your whole body. Even if you don't believe it's true, repeat the positive statements anyway; sometimes you can actually change your thinking through repetitive positive thoughts.

If positive self-talk is not enough for you, consider getting some professional therapy. You've got one life to live; why waste it worrying about the size of your nose?