Have you ever had to share a room, a house, or an apartment? It can be great, fun even. The cost of living can be lowered, and close relationships can result from sharing housing. But sharing inevitably brings unwanted noise into the picture. Even sharing your living space with a pet can introduce unwanted noise. Dwelling with a TV on in the background, a roommate chatting away on an iPhone, a dog barking, a neighbor vacuuming, or a washing machine whirring can be bothersome. Unwanted noise can be exhausting, especially if you have a roommate who snores. Ever try waking them up to see if that helps? That never works. So what do you do if you aren't able to concentrate when you are home? What do you do if you can't sleep at night because of all of the unnecessary noises in your space?

 The first thing to do is set reasonable boundaries. If your roommates are noisy at inappropriate times, suggest having a house meeting to kindly discuss the issue. Perhaps determine set "quiet hours" for your home so that you can get adequate rest. For instance, you could decide that everyone needs to have music off and no appliances running between 11pm and 8am. If a pet is causing the issue, set boundaries by perhaps keeping it in a crate overnight or even outside if possible. If your neighbors are loud, don't be afraid to gently confront them about it. Don't allow yourself to be doormat. Set reasonable boundaries.

 If noise problems persist, do not fret. You can try masking the irritating sounds with white noise. With the help of a noise machine, you can make a significant improvement to your quality of life. Simply plug in your noise machine and choose from soothing nature options such as "rain" or "brook." If you prefer a more simple approach, go with a noise machine with just a "white noise" feature. I hope whatever method of noise reduction you choose is beneficial and allows you to get the rest you need because it's important, and you deserve it.

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