Once your kids are old enough for you to feel comfortable leaving them for a while with someone other than a family member, you may be asking yourself (and everyone you know) “Are there any reliable babysitters in my area?” Well, yes, there are. Sitters are everywhere, and babysitting is becoming quite a popular way to earn extra money, and it’s not just teenagers who are offering their services, either.


Many mothers who have raised a family are looking for a way to bring in some extra family income, and child care is something they know a lot about. If you are able to locate such a person, consider yourself lucky, because competent, experienced child care providers are in great demand. Look around the area you live in. Maybe there is someone right in your neighborhood who would be willing to lend a hand now and then. If you need full-time child care, stay at home moms may be just what you need.


It’s up to you as to whether you want the sitter to come to your home, or take the kids there. Most parents feel better having the sitter come into the home, and of course the kids are more comfortable in familiar surroundings. If you are gone during the day working, it is up to you about where the kids are, but if your job takes you away in the evening, it is much better to have the kids at home, and in their own bed at night. These arrangements can be worked out before you hire anyone, and it will be a decision they can make according to their own schedule.


The very best scenario would be for you to hire someone who you already know personally and who is familiar with your family. It’s especially convenient if you have known them for a considerable time, and know what their child rearing techniques are. It may be someone you have never considered asking, or they may be looking for this type of work but hate to impose on you or put you on the spot. You never know unless you get it out there that you are seeking help.


Spend some time looking at a babysitter service website, view the profiles, read about experience, and maybe you will decide to contact one of the candidates for an interview. Lots of parents do this now because they just don’t have the time to conduct a series of interviews, and the service does a lot of the work for you. The candidates are all screened, and undergo background checks before their name is accepted to the service, so you can be a bit more confident about hiring someone from here.