Coupons to Save $$$

Many people don't use coupons because they are kind of a hassle and you have to take extra time to plan your shopping when you use them. They are really worth the extra effort though. Many coupons are for a dollar or more off of each item, and if they are for less off, most grocery stores offer to double the coupons up to one dollar. If you buy 10 items each shopping trip using a coupon, that saves you ten bucks. It seems worth it to me. Here is how to find the best coupons and start putting them to work for you. You will soon find some wiggle room in your family budget.

Sunday Paper

Things You Will Need

* Sunday paper

* Internet

* Printer



*Some patience and time to plan out your shopping trips

Step 1

Sunday Paper

Subscribe to your local Sunday paper. You could just go pick up the Sunday paper, but you save about 75% if you subscribe. It is easier too because then you will already have your coupons at your doorstep.

Step 2

Clip any coupons you will use from the paper. It really has great offers on most items that are staples. It usually has coupons for laundry detergent, toothbrushes and toothpaste, paper towel, and most of your household staples. These can really save you a lot on items that you always buy.

Step 3

Check out printable coupon sites online. The best ones are,, and red plum. These all offer great coupons that you can choose the ones you want and print them off.

Step 4

Make a list before you go shopping and pick out what coupons you will use for that trip. If there are higher priced items on you list that you don't already have a coupon for, you can most likely find one on that brand's site and print it from there. For example, I like Welch's juice, so I went to their website and clicked on promotions or offers. It will allow you to print off a $1 coupon for your next purchase. If you plan of buying 2 juices, then print off two. You can find coupons for just about anything that way.

You really can save a large chunk of money on your weekly grocery shopping by using these easy-to-find coupons. If you only save $10 on each weekly shopping trip, then that gives you an extra $40 per month to use towards something else. You could go to the movies, out to dinner, or anything fun you want to do. Saving only $10 a week is really easy to do. If you clip more coupons and spend some time planning, the savings possibilites are endless.

Tips & Warnings

If you know a neighbor or friend who gets the Sunday paper but doesn't use the coupons, ask if you can have them. This will save you the cost of having to buy the paper too.