Pregnant women comes in all sizes and shapes, including maternity clothes plus size. If you are normally a size 14 or larger, then you are considered plus size. Most of North American women (studies show 65%) are plus size. You can find stores that carry maternity clothes plus size, and you can also find many nice styles on line now.

When looking for clothes, you start by finding your regular size, and try it on. Designers have got better with all the larger size fashions now. There is no need to look like you are wearing a tent, just because you are a ample size girl and expecting.

You want to look good and feel good during the next 9 months. Here are a few tips to help you choose beautiful maternity clothes in your size:

Wearing Plus Size Maternity Clothes

1. Stay away from large floral prints. No matter what your size, when you get to be about 8 months pregnant you will just look like a huge flowered tent, rather than chic and trendy!

2. Stay away from ruffles anywhere on the clothing, it will just accentuate your growing belly, and not in a flattering way.

3. Stay away from large pockets, especially on the front of the outfit. Anything like this will make you look bigger then you are. You want a smooth and comfortable fit.

When trying on maternity clothes, remember, that you will expand over the next 9 months, and you want to make sure you purchase something that allows for that. I went shopping with a friend, and saw a nice maternity dress, but when we pulled at the excess fabric to see how much expansion was there, we realized, she would be shopping for another dress in a few months! Make sure there is going to be room for your expanding belly and yet still drapes nicely now. A good design should do this.

Get a Nice Dress for Special OccasionsPlus Size Maternity ClothesCredit:

Make sure it is something you like, not just that it fits. Remember you have to wear this quite often over the next months. Unless you are planning on a large wardrobe you will just get a few pieces.  Find some basic pants, and tops that go with each other, so that you can make a few outfits out of just a few pieces, and although you want stylish and chic, go for comfort first. If the budget allows, try and find something for special occasions, especially if your pregnancy is over the holidays, this way you will feel great.

You don't need to break the bank to outfit yourself during this special time.  But a few quality pieces will go a long way.  Try to envision special events too.  Afterwards you can either wash them and pack them away for your next pregnancy or you can sell them online and get money to go towards new outfits for your after baby body!


This is a beautiful, trendy and chic maternity dress.

Some maternity clothes, will have instructions on how you can change your outfit back into a size you can wear after pregnancy. You quite often pay more money for outfits like this. But keep in mind, you are wearing these outfits for 9 months, and you may feel you don't want to see them again! So, save your money there, keep them as maternity clothes, and save them for "next time" or pass them on to friends.

Besides after your baby is born, you are going to want to go shopping for new outfits!.

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