In very difficult economic times, looking for work is the only option available to some. Even when there are no available opportunities, it requires dedication, professionalism, and a degree of assertiveness which should come about naturally as one progresses through a trying financial period.

Things You Will Need

A safe place to rest and eat every day after searching
A computer with internet access
Professional clothing

Step 1

The first week will go by faster than one can imagine. When it's over, the bills will keep arriving, and expenses will keep piling on. It's key to keep going week after week, and then some. If you wake up one morning and find that it has been six months since the last day that you have worked, just keep sending out resumes.

Step 2

If you have been to several interviews and some have gone well, take notes. Even if they are mental notes, they will help one to know what needs improvement for the next opportunity.

If the resume needs a refinement, make those changes quickly - even before sending out emails to the next batch of employers. If at first you were using just one job hunting site, move onto others-- big ones like have more opportunities of a white-collar type than, say, Craigslist.

Keep your ears open to new job opportunities and training courses that are available; friends and family often come up with great suggestions that can bring about a job in a matter of days!

Step 3

Though continually seeking jobs through online means is the most progressive way to deal with emotions related to job loss and being out of work for extended periods- having dedication helps.

So how does one get it?

It's hard to say exactly at what point one will get the feeling of dedication..but it will be clearer the more difficult the financial pressures become, if one survives. If losing the house or the apartment has lead to a much meager lifestyle, rooming or even staying in an abandoned home- the resilience one has shown through it all will be a powerful, reliable feeling that will drive through all the future challenges in the search.

Step 4

Men and women have different styles of proffesional dress. It's key that a man wear a tie and an appropriate suitjacket, and matching black shoes. Give the correct appearance, and the employer will see the right stereotype for his next worker. Reverse the image and the employee becomes a bum in their eyes. Do not make this mistake- as it may take many months before you get another!

Step 5

Over time, the amount of rejection one has experienced has amounted to a thick skin. You know that the other person's standard answer will be to 1) ignore 2) respond and then ignore or 3) respond positively for an interview. Finally, if all goes well one will reach step 4 which is getting a training date and a work schedule for the next week.

Still, continue to send out emails and continue to apply in person at various locations around the state and not just the home city. Being constantly vigilant will be a part of you once it is over....the employers who rejected you for whatever reason will symbolize the efforts it takes to truly be noticed and valued.
While looking for a stable job in a troubled economic time period, it's worthwhile to stay constant in the job search whether it is online or in person, when possible. Each interview presents a chance to be valued after all the rejection and all of the relentless struggling. This article is based upon two years of job searching by the author, more than 300 resumes and cover letters- and four city wide searches.

Tips & Warnings

At times when on Unemployment Aid, it's critical not to overspend on food or entertainment- despite the urge to blow off steam. Instead, the author suggests going to family for food and friends for entertainment. It will usually be a lot less costly.