The women are all unique but they have the sizzling hot looks, toned torsos and style that drive men wild. They are the Bond Girls. Here are step by step directions on how to look like a James Bond girl.

Things You Will Need

Nutritious food
Sports training
Optional: Bond Girls are Forever - The Women of James Bond

Step 1

image ="7058" style="float: none; margin-bottom: 10px;">To look like a James Bond girl you need beautiful body. Get in shape with diet and exercise. Fast weight loss exercise will help. Bond girls tend to be physically active to keep up with 007 and are often in dangerous situations. Consider martial arts training to get in top notch condition. Take up other sports like scuba diving, sailing and horseback riding so you are prepared in case something comes up.

Step 2

Great HairJames Bond girls have hair that always looks great no matter if they are dangling from a helicopter or dining at a fine restaurant. Get a super good hair cut that keeps it's shape. Condition your hair so it is in top notch condition.

Step 3

bubblesTo look like a James Bond girl pamper yourself. Bond girls are well groomed and tend to wear a natural looking makeup. Think pouty lips, long lashes, subtle blush, glowing skin and manicured nails and toes.

Step 4

naughty and niceKeep your personality on the secretive side. You always want to keep your 007 guessing. Flirt subtly with your eyes, a nod of your head etc. James Bond girls are not the cheerleader type. Be mysterious to look like a James Bond girl.

Step 5

jamesbond girlDress simply and sexy but not over the top. Sleek gowns for evening. To look like a James Bond girl wear bikinis often. They are an absolute must for the beach. Toss a little dress over them and you are ready for in and out of the water action.

If you want to take it to the next level, pick a new name to call yourself. James Bond girls have names like Honey Ryder, Domino Derval, Mary Goodnight and Octopussy. When someone calls out a name like Heather Honeypot or Sally Delight, it adds the finishing touch to your James Bond look!

Tips & Warnings