It takes some practice, a proper wardrobe and the right attitude to pull it off. If it is successful, you can convince anyone you have financial success and when you finally do, no one will know the difference.

Difficulty: Moderately Easy


1. Do not lie about having a lot of money. It will really give you away and you will never regain trust with them. If you are walking around saying how much you have people will start asking you more and more questions. You may not have the answers to all of them while others do.

2. Do not be stingy when you are out eating a dinner. You also can not overspend as this will make you look like new money. Be nice to the servers and give them a good tip.

3. When you go shopping look for clothing that does not have huge logo's or brands on them. Buy clothing that are of good quality and are subtle with name brands. Stay away from sweaters that have "DIOR" stretched across the chest or "SEAN JEAN" printed on the side of a jean leg. A lot of Gap products may be good for something that is subtle but not cheap.

4. If you plan on wearing jewelry, wear something that is not huge and has nothing shiny. It should be very simple and of high quality when you are buying and wearing jewelery. For men, A nice Rolex and is perfect. For women, a nice necklace and one bracelet is great.

5. Do not talk about your new clothing or accessories you bought just wear them. Your friends will take notice and will be impressed.

6. When you are talking about or using the word 'expensive,' use it only when it pertains to the value and not the price. For example, you should not be complaining that a 5 star French restaurant is expensive because a place like that is suppose to be. However, it is fine to complain that a bottle of water costs 6 bucks. Complain about the value not the price.

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