If you are a plus size girl, trying to find a good looking and good fitting winter coat, then here are a few tips on how to look slimmer in one.

As a larger curvy girl myself, I have been totally amazed at what is on the market in the way of winter coats.

You want something that will keep you warm (especially in our Ontario winters where I live!) but you don’t want to look like you simply stepped into a puffy potato sack either.  Many larger size coats looked like big puffy rectangle boxes with no style and definitely did not make me look slimmer!

Some coats were so filled with air pockets and stuffing,  that I looked like spare tires stacked on top of each other when I checked out the mirrors!  I could probably simply roll home or take out people on the sidewalk!  Not good.  Many stores that do not cater to the larger size girl simply make the coat bigger all over and that doesn’t work.  You still need them to be shaped to fit properly and look and feel good. 

I started to get frustrated until I headed to the right store, and then I received some help from well trained staff and learned a few tricks on how to look slimmer especially in a larger winter coat that has to fit over your winter tops such as sweaters.

Length – Don’t have the winter jacket stop at your widest point on your body.  If your hips are your problem area then don’t accent them by having it end just at the top of your hips or halfway down them either.  This will simply accent your problem areas.

Get one that will simply glide over your problem areas and stop just around your knee or slightly above depending on your height.  This will also keep your entire body warm.

This will bring the eye down your jacket and it will not stop at the problem areas as long as the coat glides over them.

Plus Size Winter CoatCredit: Amazon.com


this will keep you warm and looks great.

Size – Get a size that will fit you.  Ignore that number and get out of the mindset that you must wear single digit sizes, or a size smaller than you are simply to look slimmer.  This will not work, since you need to allow room for your sweaters or winter wear under this coat or jacket, get the size that fits you.

Use your size as a guideline so you know where to look on the rack of coats and that is it.  There are so many manufacturers now of coats that the sizes may be all over the place.  If it bothers you that much cut the size tag out when you get home.

By getting the right size there will be no tugging or pulling.  If your winter coat doesn’t glide over your problem areas, and start to bunch up or pull because it is too small, you will actually end up looking bigger instead of slimmer.

Now you don’t want a big boxy looking one either, but if you get the right size for you, then it will simply glide over the bad bits and accent the good bits!

Crossover Style – Rather than simply zipping your coat up like you would a ski jacket to your neck, why not try a crossover style.

This is a great way to give you a slimmer look.  Simply by having the one side of the coat cross over, it just looks more fitted and trendy, and depending on where you carry your weight, you could have a faux fur collar to take the eye away from any bits that make you self-conscious almost like a “decoy”

If you carry your weight up top, then you should avoid the faux fur collar and go for a simple clean cross over line, that you can then accent with scarves.

Plus Size Winter CoatCredit: Amazon.com

Use a Scarf – This is a great way to take the eye away from any problem areas.  If you want your jacket to look a bit more polished and chic, then add a complimentary scarf.  There are so many ways to wear a scarf now, that you will never run out of ideas.


this deep colour jacket will make you look slimmer.

Keep the Coat Plain – This doesn’t mean the style has to be plain, but don’t go for large patterns or strange colours!  Navy Blue, Black and Gray are a great place to start as they can be dressed up with colourful scarves, hats and gloves. 

By keeping the fabric of the coat plain, this will allow the eye to simply follow the coat to the hemline without stopping to check out the plaids or stripes.  If you want to look slimmer in your plus size winter coat, you don’t want it to be too busy.

After I got this advice, I found shopping for a coat a much easier task with less frustration.  Don’t sacrifice warmth for style or style for warmth either.  Depending on where you live, the winter can be long and cold, so you need to stay warm and look good at the same time!

Go shopping for a good coat, and then add some accessories, such as scarves, gloves or mittens, and boots.  Try and get boots that are a similar colour to your coat this will give the eye an unbroken line. 

You will look a bit taller and slimmer, and no one needs to know it is a plus size coat, but really since more than 65% of North American women are considered plus size does it really matter what the tag says? 

If you are careful how you shop and don’t follow the trends simply because they look good on that size zero on the manikin, you will find one that will look good on you.

Once you feel good in the coat, you will know it is the right one, and you will stand taller with nothing pulling or bunching up and you will now look slimmer in your plus size winter coat this year.