Look Slimmer: What to Look for When Choosing Slimming Tops

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Slimming Fits and Fabric

Nearly any fabric that does not hug the body too tightly can be flattering.  Cotton is probably one of the most universally worn fabrics and because of the often cling-free styles is an optimal choice. One thing to keep in mind when shopping for shirts is the thickness of the material. If you want a blouse etc that will help thin you out opt for something not too thick and not too thin. This gives the material heft enough to flow and will reduce those instances where you have to unstick it from any extra curves you may have hanging around. 



Sleeves can make or break  a great cut top as far as their ability to give you that thinner look. For women who are bigger up top look for sleeves that cover the thickest part(s) of your arm. The most flattering sleeve lengths are: half sleeves, 3/4 sleeves and long sleeves. 


Necklines and Collars

V-neck styles and scooped neck tops are ideal when appearance is what you are concerned with.  The V should not be plunging but can show off a hint of cleavage and still work.  You can also go for a square neck style and still look fabulous. 


Colors and Patterns

Dake colors will always be the best choice when you are going for a more petite look. The best colors to stick to are: Navy blue, black and dark browns. Don't worry about looking bland you can always add a splash of color with jewelry or other embellishments. 

For patterns nix the big blatant patterns and straight lines and opt for something with dimensions and curves; zig zagged patterns or patterns that are broken up will cause the eye to follow the pattern instead of drawing it to the breadth of the chest. 



Look for shirts that end mid to just below the tummy or hips. This prevents the tops from sinking in to hug curves you prefer to cover and helps give you a longer leaner appearance. 


Look Slimmer: What to Avoid When Choosing Slimming Tops


Fit and Fabrics

Stay away from over sized tops that are too big for you. Though you may think these shirts are working to cover up problem areas in reality what they are doing is making you look larger overall. If you have a closet full of this style of top then it may be time to clean out your wardrobe. These shirts should never see the light of day and should be designated for sleep wear only. 

On the same line as the above tip you also want to avoid wearing clothes that are smaller than you are. These will only work to pronounce those problem areas and make you appear not only heavier but also a lot less than fashionable as well. 

Avoid fabrics that have a tendency to cling to or hug features too snugly. Some of these fabrics and materials include: Lycra, spandex, satin, velour and silk. This doesn't mean you can't have garments containing these materials -  really you just need to be careful of how they fit. Sometimes these materials can be pulled off when wearing a body shaping tank top or undergarment underneath them.  

Avoid thick materials and excessively thin materials. The more material the more potential to look bulky and excessively thin materials have a tendency to dimple anywhere you do. 



Unless you have well toned arms it is best to avoid most sleeveless and strapless tops. These tops will accentuate the girth of your upper arms and draw the eye to any loose or untoned skin.  Another sleeve style to avoid is the cap sleeve. The exception to this rule is when the sleeve falls past the thickest part of the arm. 


Necklines and Collars

To look slimmer or appear more slender avoid tops with a deeply plunging neckline, high collars or those with a lot of extra frill or bulk at the neckline. These tops will make you look top heavy and awkward. 


Colors and Patterns

Color doesn't have to be your enemy. Though you will find that darker colors and hues such as blacks and dark brown tend to offer the most visually slimming effect other colors in the right styles and patterns can still be figure friendly and help you look slimmer. Really light pastels and really bright colors (reds, neons) when they do not entail some sort of detail or the right cut can make you appear more broad and bulky and should therefore be avoided. 


This next tip could easily fit into fits and fabrics as well but regardless of where it is placed it is extremely important. Shiny, glittery and shimmery fabrics should be avoided. These eye catching materials can draw the persons eye in to areas we would prefer the eyes to skim. 


Some patterns should be taboo. For a more sleek look avoid big bold stripes (in any direction) and excessive patterns.