Looking young makes people feel good about themselves. As we age, we remember how we once looked and we want to delay the aging process. Magic creams and plastic surgery are temporary or unhealthy ways to look young again. Follow these steps to feel your best.

Things You Will Need

Desire to look young

Step 1

Get more sleep

Getting sleep is the most natural way to look your best and slow the aging process. Set a regular bed time and be committed to getting more sleep each night. You should be aiming to get 7-9 hours of sleep every night, depending on what your body needs.

When you sleep well you body will naturally heal and be rejuvenated. Getting more sleep will slow the aging process and keep your eyes looking bright and healthy. Say goodbye to those dark circles under your eyes

Step 2

Eat healthy

You are what you eat. Eating healthy can improve your skin and improve the way you feel. You will look healthier which equals younger when you eat fruits and vegetable and avoid the junk. Start finding healthy snacks to replace any junk food that you eat.

Step 3


Getting regular exercise will help you get in shape. The more in shape you are the better you look. Your body will have a younger look to it when you are in perfect health and workout regularly. Set up a workout schedule and create fitness goals for yourself. If you are new to working out, consider getting a personal trainer.

Step 4

Reduce the stress

Stress usually comes on us later in life. It is a fact that stress has a negative impact on our health. Reducing stress will brighten your face, improve your health and make you feel and look young again.

Step 5

Quit Smoking.

If you smoke, stop. Smoking will speed up the aging process by aging your skin, your hair and your face. Not to mention your teeth and your overall health.

The bottom line is that being a health person will help you to look young again. Getting more sleep and eating healthy are important parts of the equation but getting exercise is also key.

Stress can cause so many problems in our lives and can really weigh you down. I recommend that you do whatever it takes to reduce or eliminate stress in your life. The side affects of stress are just not worth it. And finally if you do smoke, you should stop. If you want to keep looking young you can't be a smoker. Make the change today.

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