When you notice the signs of advancing age marching right across your reflection in the mirror, try one or even a few of these ideas to spruce up your appearance. You might just look and feel younger for doing so.

Changing of seasons means time to change your wardrobe, but why not change more than that. If you want to appear more youthful, look younger and even feel that you have more energy, updating your appearance can do that. Here are some simple ways to change things up for the better, no matter your age.

Address Skin Issues

Your skin is the one part of your daily look that you cannot simply go out and buy a replacement for. The face, neck, chest or décolleté and hands all have skin that shows your age more than anywhere else does on your body. This makes sense, because these areas are exposed to the sun more than any others are and areas like our hands are often forgotten when it comes time to put on our daily sun protection.

To address sunspots, find either prescription or non-prescription skin lighteners that get good overall customer reviews. To address fine lines and wrinkles make sure you moisturize your skin in the morning and at night, using a product that has good-for-you ingredients like vitamins and minerals, as well as hyaluronic acid because this moisture binding particle can bind up to 1000 times its weight in water. Plenty of products available at the drug store contain these types of ingredients. Do not forget your hands, either, make sure you add some moisturizer or skin lightening products to the tops of your hands to make sure they start to look younger while the skin on your face does, too.

Update Your Wardrobe

When you update your wardrobe, you have two options, investing in new quality staple items like pants, skirts and shirts or adding new fun trendy accessories to brighten up and update the staples you already have and love. Pick whichever options suits you best, but make sure to get accessory items that are on trend, but not too immature for your age. A good example is to avoid blingy kitty accessories and gravitate towards a fun, but mature bit of bling in an on-trend necklace. To save money on these types of wardrobe updates, wait for holiday sales that come every month or two, or scour the clearance sections of stores to score the best deals.


As simple as it seems, if you are happy you seem younger to both yourself and those around you. Because age, and happiness, are both often a state of mind, play that up and choose to be in a good mood. You carry yourself differently when you are happy and smiling, your posture is better, your cheekbones higher and these little changes make you appear more youthful and energetic.

Avoid Certain Styles

Imagine photos of women your age, but ones taken a generation ago. Those photos often feature clothing styles you would consider matronly or aging in general. For some reason, even though you may see those patterns in others, you might not catch yourself falling into the same style traps. Avoid things like high-waisted jeans, even if they are in style that season. Another aging style is the tapered jean that gets more narrow the lower you go on the leg, this is different from a skinny jean, as those more fitted styles accentuate your shape. Floral prints are another type of style to avoid if you are trying to look more youthful.

When it comes to footwear, comfortable shoes do not have to be matronly. Select footwear that has more style elements than the most basic options available. By choosing more stylish, yet still comfortable footwear, you do not have to sacrifice either style or comfort, and you portray a more youthful appearance all at the same time.

Add Some Color with Cosmetics

Even if you do not want to wear a full face of makeup, tossing on one or two elements to brighten and define your look will work wonders for your overall appearance. So many women think that wearing makeup ages them, but done in moderation it brightens up the face and makes you look younger. The quickest way to brighten your complexion use a cream blush with hydrating properties and gently blend it into your cheekbones using your middle or ring finger. Cream blushes sometimes intimidate women because they are used to powder blushes, but the creamy consistency can add extra moisture to the cheek area, and add color at the same time. This step takes less than 30 seconds in the morning and is relatively inexpensive as well.

If you want to add one more quick cosmetic application to your morning routine to brighten up your look, grab a hydrating lip gloss to put on, too. There are good options for this type of product at the drug store and department store, but one of the best products that few people know about is the Hourglass Prodigy Hydrating Lip Gloss. This luxury product has a higher price tag than one you would find at a drug store, certainly, but the hydration is long-lasting and the gloss stays on better than most competitors’ products.

In the cosmetics world, do not buy into rules about using or not using certain products once you are in the “mature” age range. Wearing sparkly or glittery products is one rule that should not necessarily be followed. Subtle shimmer or shine in cheek, lip, or eye products, when used appropriately is actually very flattering on mature skin and can make you look younger.

Change Up the Status Quo

Updating and changing your style is key to looking fresh and young. This can apply to clothing and makeup, but the most powerful bang for your change up buck is to switch from the same old hairstyle you have sported for years. Whether it is keeping your hair down and out of a ubiquitous ponytail, or chopping it all off into a new fun spiky hairdo. By making a drastic change to your ever-present hair style you instantly update your look, just make sure to consult with a good stylist so you get a quality cut that will make you look crazy good, instead of just drastically different.