Top 10 Tips for More Youthful Skin

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Although aging is a fact of life if we’re all lucky enough to live long enough, there are still some ways to look younger that you can do for a fast makeover. A youthful appearance will help you to look better but better than that, it will make you feel better about yourself to increase your self esteem and confidence.

 Ways to Look Younger Fast and Easy


     Use a Self Tanning Lotion

          Tanning beds and lying in the sun are dangerous to your health but, many people enjoy the look of glowing skin that a tan provides. Use a natural self tanning lotion that will give you more color to your skin and a glow that looks healthy. Many self tanning lotions can be used daily for a slow and consistent tan that will last as long as you continue to apply it.


     Use a Deep Hair Conditioner

          As we age, our hair tends to become dry and lifeless. Add a deep hair conditioner every few days to increase the moisture retaining ability and to provide smooth, soft and free flowing hair that will help you to look more youthful almost immediately.


     Hand Care

          The hands are one of the first body parts to show your age. Keep the hands smooth, soft and wrinkle free by using a daily body exfoliating product to remove the dry dead skin cells. Add a hand moisturizer after exfoliating and reapply the lotion several times throughout the day. Add anti aging products specifically designed to reduce brown spots if you have spent long periods of time in the sun that now show up as these annoying age spots that make you look older than you want.



          Don’t underestimate the power of using a daily sunscreen to the face, arms, hands and any exposed areas of the skin. The sun will do damage into the deep layers of skin that will age you faster than many other things you do. Always wear a daily broad spectrum sunscreen with SPF of 30 that prevents all UVA and UVB rays. Higher amounts of SPF are not necessary and will only cost you more. Reapply sunscreen while outdoors every 30 minutes for the best results.

     Wash your skin every morning and evening

          Water won't help to keep your skin youthful. You need ingredients that restore moisture and help the cells to rejuvenate each day. Choose the right skin care trio for your skin type and remember to use it every day.


     Anti Aging Serums

          Anti aging serums are liquids that are applied to the face or hands prior to moisturizing and are one of the fastest ways to look younger. Serums help to allow moisturizers to penetrate into the deeper layers of skin so that dry skin can be reduced at the cellular layer. Use anti aging serums every morning and every evening as part of your daily skincare routine. Choose an anti aging serum from an organic company that uses natural ingredients without chemicals for the best results. Read more about the Top Anti Aging Ingredients here.


     Fingernail Care

          Keep the fingernails short, neat and polished. Part of the aging process causes the fingernails to become dry, cracked, and chipped and to grow downward. Shorter nails that are kept manicured neatly, moisturized with cuticle and hand creams and polished in your favorite color will hide your age a little easier. Keeping the nails polished even with a clear coat will also help them to stay strong and to grow faster.


     Green Tea

          Green tea offers many benefits to the human body such as to assist in hydrating the skin and body, increases energy and helps to burn calories. Add a daily afternoon snack of a cup of green tea as well as an evening treat.


     Add Spices in Cooking

          Some spices that are good for the skin and help to make you look younger include ginger, garlic and cinnamon. Add these spices to your daily meals when cooking as they have anti inflammatory properties that can help you look younger and make you feel better at the same time.


     Diet and Exercise

          Diet and exercise are daily ways to help you look younger that should not be ignored. Add fresh fruits and fresh vegetables to your daily diet that provide essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals that are good for the skin and body health. Include whole grains that add fiber to keep your digestive system functioning properly while removing toxins that cause skin disorders and other health concerns. Avoid all fast foods, junk food and high fat or high calorie foods that add extra weight that will make you feel bloated and sluggish.

           Exercise can be any activity that you will enjoy and are able to do at least 30 minutes per day. Switch your daily activity to reduce the chances of boredom and stopping your exercise regime. A body in motion is always healthier than an inactive body and will help you look younger and feel better too.


Follow these top 10 daily tips to help you look younger fast and stick with them for the best results. Try them for at least 21 days or better yet, for 30 days to make them become a habit that you will continue. You’ll not only look better when you look younger but, you’ll also feel your best too. Feel free to share this information with your friends and family if they would also like to learn how to look younger and leave comments on what you’ve tried to help you look younger.

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