You can still look and feel great even when you don’t want to spend a lot of energy getting ready. You can get fitted versions of activewear. This is especially important if you have a strict dress code at work. While it can be tempting to go with really comfortable clothes on the weekend, it’s also one of the times where you can express your personality through fashion. Stores like Dr. Jay's and Akademiks offer loungewear, and here's how you can look your best on days off:

Update Classic Looks

Jeans and t-shirts are staples for days off or when running errands. However, if you get the right fit and proportion for your body, it instantly transforms the overall look. This could be fashionable skinny jeans or just your favorite t-shirt in a small size instead of an oversized version.

Get Comfortable Fabrics

Knits and cottons are generally easy to move in. You'll find this a lot in activewear and loungewear. This can be in a slightly more fashionable silhouette such as a peasant top or a Henley t-shirt. These fabrics are also inexpensive and easy to care for.

Try Layering

You can take a basic camisole or t-shirt and really give it a fashionable look with layering pieces. Look for a short sleeve bolero for the summer months. Cardigans are also a big trend in fashion. You can even find embellished versions so you won't need to wear jewelry. It could have a row of organza flowers on it that mimic a corsage.

Find Updated Pants

The pants can be the trickiest pieces to find because you need to combine comfort with a trendy silhouette. Stay away from classic sweat pants. Instead, try out fleece or knit cargo pants. If you're going with pants with an elastic waist, then try a vintage style capri pant. Make sure that you find a fitted version and skip a lot of pockets. Look for crisp fabrics instead of denim to keep it sophisticated.

Invest in Traveling Skirts

If you want to look sophisticated, then look for skirts and dresses that are suited for traveling. You can try out these options even if you are staying in town. Switching to a skirt is instantly going to make you feel more sophisticated. This skirt travels well and you won't have to iron it. It uses a variety of fabrics like rayon, spandex or a ribbed knit. For your days off, go with a more casual tiered or peasant style of skirt.

Find a Modified Hairstyle

It can be tempting to skip your hair and makeup routines on the weekends, especially if you are just staying in. You can find modified versions that still allow you to look put together. Braid your hair while it's still wet for beachy waves when it dries. There are sleek versions of pony tails that lend sophistication by pulling the hair tight against your head.

Tone Down Your Makeup Routine

Your weekend makeup can be casual. Skip the eyeliner, lipstick and heavy foundation. Use bronzer for a slight glow, and add mascara and lip-gloss. This is going to be one of your quickest makeup routines.