All women are beautiful. You can ask any man all about that and he'll probably have a list of the best things about a woman. Makeup and excessive amounts of makeup, are usually not on that list. So how do you use your makeup to amplify those gorgeous features men love without caking on the colors?

Things You Will Need



Lipstick or lipliner


Step 1

For the best all natural look, use moisturizer! Use it daily. It keeps away the winter cold and protects you from the summer sun. Massage your moisturizer in with firm, tiny circles.

Step 2

Use a touch of bronzer on your cheeks.

Step 3

Use the same bronzer on your eyelids in a very light coat, just enough to give a shimmer. Take it up to the brow bone. Darken the eyelids a bit more than the brow bone.

Step 4

Use a shade of lipstick that matches your lips exactly(or fill your lips in with a lip liner for longer wear) and top with a lip balm. It will give a shine, but not the unnatural shine of lip gloss.

Smile! You look like you're a glowing, natural beauty instead of looking caked in makeup.

Tips & Warnings

An all natural hair style is a good compliment to this look. Play up your natural hair texture whether it be curly or straight. A good leave-in conditioner can help tame frizz without weighting your hair down.

A messy ponytail/bun can be a good compliment.

Bare/buffed nails give an extra oomph to the natural look.