Quick Weight Loss and Wellness with Mind Control as a Factor

Using the HOWWW Method for Success with and Diet and Exercise Plan

So many people want to lose weight. Sure, some of that want comes from the wish merely to look better or to get ready for an upcoming party, vacation, or reunion. The reality remains that people need to work on their health and wellness every day, all day. The number of people with type two diabetes is spiraling out of control. More than one-third of the population in the United States is obese. Something needs to happen. Why is this problem persisting? Diet and exercise books, CDs, and weight loss-driven television shows abound. The weight problem continues to increase at alarming weights. Is it that the diets do not work? Is the problem that people do not understand the need for exercise? No, unfortunately, that is not the case.

The problem is society. All the ‘wrong choices’ bombard people daily. Fast-food restaurants are on every corner. Processed foods far outnumber fresh choices in the supermarkets. The society is one of easy access to many things unhealthy for its population. The only way this will change is for people to adopt a strong want, almost an obsessive desire, to adopt ways to get healthy.

What is the HOWWW Method?   It is a thought process that works. HOWW stands for:

Healty Obsession with Wellness and Weight

Consider this before stopping reading due to the plan being on using obsession as a key term. The word obsession is one with a negative connotation on a first glance. The term references such a persistent idea, desire, or emotion that it stays in a person’s mind continually. What if the deterWeight Loss Storiesmination is to keep the mind focused on a healthy thoughts? Body image obsession is present already in a negative form in people with eating disorders. No one wants to go there. If the obsession, the healthy obsession, is with wellness, then things turn in a positive direction. That  obsession would keep  the goal of healthy living in the mind all day long.

What would a person with HOWWW do? What actions would be seen in a snapshot of their day? This person would wake up in the morning with a mental process that says everything they do that day has to do with making their body healthy. Weight loss will automatically occur. Positive, not negative thoughts about this obsession follow throughout the day. The stairs make a better option than the elevator. Drinking water between meals versus soda is a good HOWWW choice. A package of cherry tomatoes fits the bill as a snack versus the M&Ms. the last thoughts at night reflect back on HOWWW. With the correct mental attitude, the choices made during the day were not ones that deprived, but rather ones that offered good feelings. Were healthy choices made? This obsession feels good.

Most people have knowledge of what it takes to live this healthy lifestyle. Following the healthful plan requires a positive mindset, not one of deprivation. Few do not understand that the double cheeseburger, fries, and malt for lunch contribute to a weight problem. The fact that the body needs daily exercise is known by most.  Free or inexpensive effective diet and exercise plans are easy to find on-line and in a bookstore. Follow the exact plan of choice. The key here is the mind, the missing element in so many diets. The mental mind-set is vital.

Make wellness an obsession, but a healthful one, the Healthy Obsession with Wellness and Weight. Do it for the body. Do it for health. Do it on a minute by minute basis throughout the day. Any good diet and exercise plan will work with HOWWW. Virtually no plan will work in the long term without it!