It has always been a challenge for many people to lose weight. Who does not want to lose weight if you have a lot more than what you expected? With the tips that I want to share below, I hope you'll lose 10-12 pounds in just a week.

This fast weight loss success could be a start for a weight loss journey but always try to remember that there is no quick fix when it comes to losing weight. Sudden loss of weight every week is not recommended because it's not healthy. If you want to lose weight in a good way, try to do in little by little.



things you'll need:

  • Healthy foods, water, mirror, weighing scale and will power.
    • 1

      Drink eight glasses of water everyday to detoxify your body. This is not hard to do and it will it boost your weight loss results. By doing this, you will lose 10-12 pounds effectively in just one week.

    • 2

      Limit the amounts of foods you take. Eat more vegetables and try to consider lean meat and fish for your protein diet. Fruits are the best like apples, avocado and oranges. Enjoy eating them fresh because you'll lose more pounds in a week. Try to avoid eating fruits in preserved cans or in glass containers since they are filled with sugar.

    • 3

      Use a smaller plate instead of a big plate. In this way, you can lessen the amount of food that you will put in your plate and lose unwanted pounds easily and effectively.

    • 4

      Do not skip meals. Try to have small meals every few hours daily and this can help maintain your energy levels too. Never skip meals because you if you do, there could be a negative impact on this and your body may crave more food as an after effect so instead of wanting to lose 10-12 pounds effectively in just one week, it will become the opposite so try to avoid this wrong method of losing weight.

    • 5

      Eat breakfast everyday and stop eating late at night. Take your dinner between 6-7 in the evening and just drink water later at night. With this, you will wake up and sleep early plus lose pounds effectively every week.

    • 6

      Avoid processed foods especially junk foods. These type of foods will just add more of your weight and they are not healthy. If you go to the grocery store, avoid looking at those tempting bag of chips if you want to lose 10-12 pounds effectively every week.

    • 7

      Eat a fresh fruit instead of drinking juice. Juice drinks may have additional sugar in it that is not good if you want to lose weight.

    • 8

      Limit your intake of sweet desserts and fat. You can still have butter, cake or ice cream but try to take them half of what you're used to.

    • 9

      Be optimistic, happy and motivated in the things that you do. Complement yourself every time you look in the mirror. Do not focus too much about losing those pounds but try to enjoy what you have in life. Positive attitude can help you lose those pounds in a relaxing way.

    • 10

      Exercise daily or do some yoga. Moving and toning your muscles is an effective way to lose those unwanted pounds and you can see positive and amazing results if you do this every day.

    • 11

      Do not stay too long in the kitchen unless you are cooking. There are some people who also keep on tasting as well as eating the food that they are cooking before it is served on the table and this would not help if you want to lose weight.

    • 12

      Avoid watching too much shows or movies on the television. If you do not move your body every now and then since you're watching a lot of shows or movies then it's difficult for you to really lose 10-12 pounds in only a week. It could be better if you listen to music because you can also dance along with it.

Tips & Warnings

  • Try to keep busy most of the time. Stay away from your refrigerator after eating each meal, in this way you can avoid getting more food. This plan looks simple but if you will follow this weight loss plan thoroughly then you'll see effective results.
  • When you feel hungry before going to bed, you can simply get a small bowl of oatmeal or any high fiber crispy cereal and add a low fat milk. Always bear in mind not to overeat in the evening time.
  • Let a doctor check your blood test prior you start a new method of diet and exercise. Take note there are individuals who shouldn't not need to lose a lot of weight, but should lower their blood sugar level slightly. 
  • When you go grocery shopping, look at the amount of sodium of the bread, cereal or whatever food you're going to buy. As much as possible, cut down on your sodium intake since you're getting them from the processed foods that you're purchasing. You could have as much as thirty-five percent (35%) processed foods in your daily nutritional value. Take note that too much sodium can cause you to retain unecessary water weight.
  • Be clear about your real objectives to lose the amount of weight that you want. You'll be inspired in doing something, exact discernment in order for you to keep track of your goal. If you think that you need to lose weight to improve overall health then you are in the right track. 
  • Do not eliminate your favorite food from your diet because this will make you feel deprived and can later ruin your weight loss success. Continue to enjoy it, but always try to decrease the quantity.
  • Eat slowly so that you can lessen your caloric intake. Take note that your brain needs about twenty (20) minutes to receive the signal that you're already full. Eating fast will only make your stomach become bloated. You can't also savor the taste of the food well and feel more hungry when you eat fast. As a result, those extra calories will only be accumulated as fat.